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"On The Water" - August Evenings On A Sand Pit

Category: Expeditions | Author: Ála Richie

Come with me to the flooded sand pit as part of my August evenings trips. There will definitely be no shortage of catches of brightly colored fish and a romantic atmosphere accompanied by the buzzing of mosquitoes and the splashing of nudists! ;-)

"On The Water" - Weekly Fishing Blog: Summer Evenings On A Sand Pit

As it turns out, my regular August mini-trips to the flooded sand pit are over! 😞 The weather this week already marks the end of warm summer evenings and the arrival of autumn! 🌧🍂

But these short fishing trips were beautiful and relaxing - always until dark, when the activity of the fish in the last 15 minutes increased to the maximum and it always paid off to endure until the end ... 👌 Although the raids on my blood-thirsty mosquitoes made my evening fly fishing flow a little bit uncomfortable ! 🦟😅

➕ In areas such as flooded sand pits, it's great you can enjoy fly casting - there are usually spacious beaches on such waters. 🤿🏖

➕ The water is beautifully clear, so you can watch what is happening underwater while reviving your flies, or how many voracious perch or pan fish are using the last opportunity to attack your fly. 😎

➕ You can expect absolutely everything - apart from visits from nudist couples of all ages 😱 - I mean mainly strikes from different types of fish according to the fishing techniques you are doing, which is another benefit = the ability to fish with many stillwater fly fishing techniques. 🤩

I have always changed many ways of fishing myself and each method has found its application! 👇

✅ Fishing with baitfish or colorful Booby nymphs and streamers with a fast sinking line - this was especially popular for beautifully striped perch.

✅ Slowly retrieved wet flies on intermediate or hover subsurface lines have been particularly successful in catching roach and rudd.

✅ In the column, statically suspended or very slowly retrieved chironomids and buzzers on a floating line were tasted by hungry sunny fish and sometimes even smaller carp were seduced, snooping on natural food.

✅ During the last "dimming rising" of roach, it was also the turn of small dry flies and Shuttlecocks suspended in the surface blank.

And even though I didn't catch any giant fish, for me these regular evening moments on the water were mainly beautiful moments in nature, during which I gained more experience and, of course, I also cleared my head of all those unimportant and certainly expendable thoughts! 🏞😊

🌊 Rivers and streams are beautiful, but fishing on similar stagnant waters with mysterious depths - when I constantly observe the water, I think about the depth to which the fish move and how best I can persuade fish to strike - is more and more hunting passion and challenge for me! 😍

🧐 And how did you spend the August days of the fishing season?  River ❌ lake, salmonid ❌ coarse fish ❓ Don't hesitate and be sure to share your experiences 👉 HERE 👈 which are definitely welcome! 👐😉

Iwish you all the extraordinary last days of August on the water! ☯☮🤘

Tight lines!
Aleš 🎣🍀

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