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Fly fishing product reviews.

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Squirmy Worms - Three reason to love them!

Category: Product Reviews
Ála Richie (Czech Republic)
"Squirmy Worms" - Overperform many so far most killing patterns!

Tungsten Beads - basic information

Category: Product Reviews
Jiří Klíma (Czech Republic)
Basic information about one of the basic fly tying material - tungsten beads - and couple of tunsten bead patterns from Jiri Klima.

Thinkfish shirt - product test

Category: Product Reviews
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
My experience with Thinkfish shirt after the trip to Sweden.

William Joseph's Access Pack and Infrared Thermometer

Category: Product Reviews
Hans van Klinken (Netherlands)
While preparing for my once in a lifetime trip to India, I decided to “treat” myself with a new chest pack for the journey.

Fulling Mill Small Water Series

Category: Product Reviews
Fulling Mill (United Kingdom)
List of barbless small water flies from Fulling Mill. Great selection for catching the trout on the small still waters.

Thinkfish Bold Reel – product review

Category: Product Reviews
Jim Williams (United Kingdom)

Easy available Jungle Cock

Category: Product Reviews
Miloslav Grim (Czech Republic)
Article about the usage of the effective imitation of Jungle Cock feathers.

Hanak Czech Nymph Micro Spiral Indicator

Category: Product Reviews
Dave Wiltshire (United Kingdom)
Productreview by Dave Wiltshire: Hanak Czech Nymph Micro Spiral Indicator

Tungsten Beads Density Experiment

Category: Product Reviews
Jindřich Lacko (Czech Republic)
Tungsten beads are popular in fly tying circles, but they are subject to never ending discussions about their quality (or rather cost vs. quality ratio)...

Tactical Series from Fulling Mill

Category: Product Reviews
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
Testing results of the Tactical Series - the barbless river fly collection from Fulling Mill.
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