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Introducing quality functional clothing from the Czech brand SENSOR. You will appreciate the advantages of this thermal underwear - besides its main use in sports- also in fly fishing, where it will find its main use as the 1st layer under your waders!

In warm, dry and maximum comfort even in bad weather? Absolutely no problem with products of the Czech brand SENSOR!

Quality functional thermal underwear is - in my opinion - a large number of fly fishermen still quite underestimated. Personally, I think most of them would prefer to repeated shopping the main fishing gear - much of these things are fishing fetishes rather than regularly used items - and as far as clothing is concerned, the investment will always go to something that is at first sight well visible for other anglers (prestige is still being solved by many individuals on fish... ;-) such as branded cap, wading jacket, waders etc. This type of outerwear is of course necessary and most of the time very important by the water, but if you do not have a good and reliable second and first layer under this third top layer, then your body's thermoregulatory protection will not work as it should in the water during wading or in bad and cold weather!

I myself have grown up from the solution of irrelevant nonsense, and with increasing age I became more interested in those layers of fly fishing clothing for others "invisible", but all the more important for my body and health, ie the 2nd layer but mainly the 1st layer, which is in direct contact with the body and if it works well, warms in the cold months, coolls in the warm months, and in the case of sweating it drains our sweat from the body surface to prevent colds and subsequent illness. And if this first layer is really good, we can say that everything potentially "harmful" associated with active movement will lead through the second and third outer layer out - outside our body ... And if, even after a few uses, this clothing doesn't smell, we won! :-) If you think that there is no such thing, I will be happy to convince you the opposite!

SENSOR Insulating Clothing 1st layer in colection of quality materials DOUBLE FACE, MERINO DF, COOLMAX FRESH, MERINO ACTIVE

In connection with this topic, I am very pleased that we have established cooperation with the SENSOR brand - the Czech manufacturer of high-quality functional clothing and thermal underwear, whose advantages you will appreciate just in fly fishing, where it finds its main use as the 1st insulation layer of clothing under waders. Personally, I have a very positive experience with this brand from the past years, when I started to find their products regularly under the Christmas tree, and so previously "unwelcome soft gifts" became over time favorite gifts that I knew I would use them during fly fishing trips 100%! Thanks to the quality of thermal underwear SENSOR I wear nothing else as the first layer and because I have quality other layers too, I am not frozen or wet from my sweat after a challenging fishing trip even in the most demanding weather! ;-)

And because I didn't keep this "comfort know-how" all to yourself, you can now - thanks to our new offer of high-quality functional thermal underwear of the Czech brand SENSOR - enjoy the warmth, dry and absolute comfort of your body during fly fishing trips during the year-round fishing season!

Functional Boxers SENSOR from DOUBLE FACE

And because you do not need to know exactly what to choose from our range of quality thermal underwear, I have prepared for you this presentation of the materials and products + their main use - from the perspective of an active fly fisherman and happy user of these products!


DOUBLE FACE material offers excellent performance. It is a very soft and pleasant material that thanks to the anatomical cut of products with flat seams accurately adapts to the proportions of your body. The material consists of two layers, each of which can be used at different temperatures, 100% quality and endless comfort. Excellent kind of layer in cold weather. Products made of DOUBLE FACE are available in functional boxers, underpants, T-shirts and LS shirt in two collar modifications (classic cut and turtleneck).

Material composition: MID weight, 61% PES, 39% PESh micro.

Use in fly fishing: Great underwear for the cold time of the fishing season (spring, autumn, winter) and cold water for all who are looking for a quality 1st layer under the wadsers and do not want to invest more money to products with higher of 100% MERINO wool content!

Functional T-Shirt SENSOR from MERINO DF


Knit with unique construction combining polyester on the inside and high quality New Zealand MERINO wool containing lanolin, which has lasting antibacterial properties. The main advantage of this combination is that polyester speeds up the transport of sweat to the outer wool layer, which prevents odors and in addition has an excellent thermoregulatory function. The inner thin polyester layer eliminates "biting" the wool. The linen can be used on both sides and is ideal for activities in extreme climatic conditions. MERINO DF products are available in functional boxers, underpants, T-shirts and LS shirt  in two collar modifications (classic cut and collar with zipper).

Material composition: MID weight, 60% MERINO, 40% PESh.

Use in fly fishing: Due to MERINO wool it is basically the all-year usable 1st layer under waders in the warm but mainly cold part of the fishing season! Also an excellent garment for longer fishing trips! There is definitely nothing to solve in the price / performance ratio! Clearly the best compromise between products without MERINO and their counterparts with 100% content of this marvelous wool!

Functional LSl Shirt Zipper SENSOR MERINO ACTIVE


Thermal underwear MERINO WOOL ACTIVE is made of high quality Merino wool from New Zealand. Merino wool products are extremely pleasing to the body and, thanks to their delicate and long fibers, they naturally absorb and dissipate moisture, keeping them warm even when wet, which is an absolutely unsurpassed quality of natural wool. MERINO ACTIVE products from fully renewable sources are odor resistant even when worn for a long time, they have excellent thermoregulatory properties, plus they contain lanolin, which has lasting antibacterial properties. MERINO ACTIVE products are available in functional boxers, underpants, T-shirts and LS shirt in two collar modifications (classic cut and collar with zipper).

Material composition: MID weight, 100% MERINO

Use in fly fishing: Given the above facts, this is the ultimate winner in all aspects! Super-quality thermo-layer with year-round use and thanks to the absolute "anti-odor" function, the products of this material are great for the longest fishing trips, because you can wear this thermal underwear for several days - odorless!

Functional Underpants SENSOR from COOLMAX FRESH


COOLMAX FRESH certified knit fabric made of a material enriched with silver ions that break down the cell wall of the microorganism and prevent odor (antibacterial protection) offers additional advantages in the form of flat seams, has excellent thermoregulatory properties and anatomically cut. This type of material is suitable for activities where you will appreciate excellent sweat removal without the need to increase thermal comfort. The other pluses are UV protection (UPF 25) and shape stability (elasticity) - so you don't have to worry about the laundry being pulled out! COOLMAX FRESH products are available in functional boxers, underpants and T-shirt or long sleeved shirt.

Material composition: LIGHT weight, 50% PES COOLMAX® Fresh, 40% PES micro, 10% Lycra

Use in fly fishing: Excellent kind of functional fly fishing clothes in the warm part of the fishing season! Ideal underwear under the waders during summer fishing! Thanks to the "cool" type of material you will be dry and in maximum comfort during the hot summer days! A clear choice for summer fly fishing if you don't just wade in shorts and sandals!



Quality functional wool socks are just as important for fly fishing as other types of thermal underwear mentioned above. As we all know, for cold is the easiest way to get through the legs to body - even more so when standing in cold or icy water! If you do not have well-insulated feet in your wading boots and waders, cold can get into you quickly and easily, and in that case, reheating your body is often a superhuman task!

So I choose for you the most suitable models of warm socks, which will find application in fly fishing, especially in the cold part of the fishing season or bad weather! Important properties of quality socks are their thermoregulation and sweat removal outside the foot, antibacterial properties of the material related to "anti-odor" function, comfortable knit and good reinforcement of the most stressed parts of the foot (feet, heel, toe, ankles) and last but not least drying of material. These socks have all these features!

As I wrote in the last article Testing Window - Guideline Thermo Fleece Bibs, we all have one health only, so do not be afraid to invest in it in the form of quality thermo insulating clothing! SENSOR products - thanks to their indisputable quality - are definitely worth the investment!

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