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Eshop: ReelMaster LA is based on the design and drag system of Guideline's Quadra fly reel.
Eshop: Magnetic Hook pallet for organizing hooks. 3 types of configurations to match hook size.
Eshop: Extra Spare Spool for Guideline ReelMaster LA reel.
Eshop: Kamoufil tippet is used for leaders and tippets. The changes of colors make this wire invisible, because it does not lead the light.
Eshop: Simple micronymph pattern with several trigger points. This pattern will not only catch trout and grayling but is very effective ...
Eshop: Three different aluminum fly boxes with laser engraved motives on the lid.
Eshop: Variant of the classic Pheasant Tail Nymph. Coloured drop gives to the fly an additional weight and acts as an strike trigger for fish.
Eshop: Popper head for floating popper streamers.
Eshop: Black micronymph with bit of shiny body material added. In some occasions this pattern works much better than the "plain" black pattern.
Eshop: SLF Dubbing is the original synthetic living fiber. SLF Standard dubbing is tremendously popular and widely used for its ...
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