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Fly line is one of the essential parts of fly fishing tackle that distinguishes fly fishing from other fishing disciplines! The active fly fishes can choose from a huge range of fly fishing lines, including fly fishing lines for fresh and salt water fishing. Fly lines can be divided into floating, hover, intermediate, and sinking lines, which can then be combined to create floating fly lines with an intermediate and variously sinking tip, etc. Because of their characteristics, it is also important to take fly fishing lines that are divided into basic double tapered DT and weight forward WF. We also have special linear continuous lines - Level Line, which are nowadays mainly used for nymphing. And due to the fact that the fly lines are made in a huge color scale, so really everyone chooses!

In our offer you will find a full range of lines from the brands Cortland, Scientific Anglers (3M), Hanak Competition and Guideline. If you want to learn more useful information about fly fishing lines, you should definitely read the article: Elements to Access Fly Lines.

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