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Fly Fishing Competitions

Articles about fly fishing competitions.

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Hanak Competition European Grayling Festival 2012

Category: Fly Fishing Competitions
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
Report from the traditional fly fishing competition on the River Dee in Wales.

The River Dee, tradition, surprises, and new experiences

Category: Fly Fishing Competitions
Dan Svrček (Czech Republic)
From a fly fishing competition in Wales.

FFP and JMC sponsor the Czech junior team

Category: Fly Fishing Competitions
FlyFishingPoint (Czech Republic)
The Czech junior fly fishing team has two new sponsors this year. The first is our site FlyFishingPoint, and the second the most well-known French fly fishing company Mouches de Charette.

Combat Fly-Fishing

Category: Fly Fishing Competitions
Charles Jardine (United Kingdom)
It is rare to observe masters up close. Rarer still, to see methods and skills that go way beyond the boundaries of the sport and begin to scale heights that have seldom - if ever - been achieved. Welcome to total fly-fishing, welcome to the Czech Republic.
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