Articles about the fish species that can be caught on the fly rod.

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Pollack in Scotland

Category: Fish
Colin Riach (United Kingdom)
Fly Fishing for Pollack at sea coast of Scotland. Beautiful scenery, harsh conditions and beautiful strong fighting fish!
Category: Fish
Colin Riach

A brown I dreamt about

Category: Fish
Flydreamers (Argentina)
The wind blew constantly all night long. I woke up in the middle of the dark ... I fished it again!
Category: Fish

Rising Trout With A Rhythm

Category: Fish
Michael Snody (United States)
Biology Rhythm, a pattern of involuntary behavior, action, occurring regularly and periodically. Scientifically this is called circadian rhythm.
Category: Fish
Michael Snody

Marble Trout

Category: Fish
Rok Lustrik (Slovenia)
Marble trout is only indigenous species of trout in the Adriatic (Western) part of the river system in Slovenia.
Category: Fish
Rok Lustrik

Irish Brown

Category: Fish
Robert J. Romano (United States)
Essay on a visit to Ireland
Category: Fish
Robert J. Romano

Morning Glory: Carp

Category: Fish
Mark Erdosy (United States)
The long hot days of summer are spent hunting solitary common carp.
Category: Fish
Mark Erdosy


Category: Fish
Korrie Broos (South Africa)
Join Korrie Broos on a journey to fish for South African catfish or barbel as the catfish is locally known.
Category: Fish
Korrie Broos

Apache Trout

Category: Fish
Aaron Otto (United States)
Category: Fish
Aaron Otto

Lowcountry Redfish

Category: Fish
Paul Rose (United States)
From Charleston, SC south to Savannah, GA, also known as the Lowcountry, redfishing on the fly is on...
Category: Fish
Paul Rose

Fly Fishing for river perch

Category: Fish
Lukáš Pazderník (Czech Republic)
Fly fishing for river perch is one of authors's favorite fishing pastimes, in addition to the hunt for trout and grayling.
Category: Fish
Lukáš Pazderník
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