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Fly Fishing Tactics

Expert articles about various fly fishing tactics.

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10 Tips for Summer Fly Fishing

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
My top 10 tips for fly fishing during the hot summer.

Small Stream Junkie

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Nick Whatton (United Kingdom)
Couple of thoughts about small river and stream fly fishing.

The Forgotten Ten Degree Angle

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Michael Snody (United States)
I am standing in midstream, watching trout rising upstream from me and trying to decide which trout I should cast to first without spooking the others. Executing my cast to the trout I had selected, he was quickly hooked and landed with very little disturbance. Watching the other trout and the water, I noticed afair hatch of insects starting to emerge. Now I’m seeing other trout rising to the left, right, and downstream.

Chubby Checker

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Clark Colman (United Kingdom)
Clark Colman explains how to find and catch a hungry but wary coarse fish on fly gear throughout the season.

How to find Graylings in big rivers

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Stanislas Freyheit (France)
When you go fly fishing on large rivers, it’s really easy to get lost in the vastness of the streams.

The Flats of the South Fork

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Michael Snody (United States)
The flats that I am speaking of are on the South Fork of the Snake River, Idaho.

Streamer fishing for a marble trout (10 important facts)

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Luka Hojnik (Slovenia)
10 important facts for streamer fishing for a marble trout.

Fly fishing with caddis flies

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Steve Thornton (United Kingdom)

Fishing the Killer Range

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Jeremy Lucas (United Kingdom)
Jeremy Lucas writes about current developments in river fishing for trouts.

In Pursuit of Giants

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics
Paul Procter (United Kingdom)
The last 8 years has seen my emphasis shift towards large, wild river trout...
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