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In the case of active carp fishing on the fly, the "Stalking" method is a real hunt, when we first trace our prey, approach to the fish as close as possible, try to persuade our fish to strike, and if everything succeeds, we look forward to a thrilling and hard fight with an unknown end.

Magic of the "Sight Fishing"method. Here you can see nice carp actively feeding from the water surface. Leaves and terrestrials. Great time for my fly! Under this fish you can see the shadows - another carp in the water column. Super fishing spot for me!

What is good to do before fishing

As soon as you decide to go on a carp with a fly, try to be invisible! Yes, this property has not yet been gained by people - in the pursuit of progress - but nature is very close because it gives animals mimicry and protective color that protects them from predators! So be inspired by nature, and even if you are the predator at this time, try to blend in with the environment that surrounds you. So avoid color elements on your clothing that simply do not fit into adjacent fauna. If you fit into the appearance of the surrounding nature, fish will accept you easier as part of the outside world. So avoid to wear colorful fly fishing outfit. While these principles are already much undermined and questioned today, nature is smarter than we are, and if we want to be successful, we must humbly admit this fact

Be patient and, before you start fishing, explore the whole water, or the most interesting places and try to find the fish - at best a whole shoal of fish on which you will target your casts.

The fight with nice mirror carp is almost over, but the nice and powerful carp has mobilized its forces for the last attempt to escape. But I won! ;-)

Look for obstacles in the water, overhanging trees or grabbed branches, water feed covering a large part of the water surface or reed into which the fish can hide. Carp and grass carp are often found near these types of obstacles that provide them protection from predators.

The right fly fishing tactic

If you find a fish near the shore or at good distance for casting, quickly evaluate the situation and offer your fly to fish before it sees you and will spook. In this short moment, the fish often responds positively to the impact of the fly to its area, although you can often see it as if fish doubted the whole situation and often took our fly out of curiosity.

A large shoal of fish in the open water is a good sign for us. However, you have to pay close attention to fish, which can easily be spooked by a careless cast or a mischief or an inappropriate fly presentation - rapid retreiving, unnatural movement, dragging your fly over fish, etc. You have to get as close to the shoal as possible - as well as to individual fish - and cast and present your fly as tenderly and naturally as possible!

Beautiful smaller golden carp caught on a small dark nymph just below the shore, now posing with my fly gear in the early evening sunshine.

Hook up at the right moment

During "Sight Fishing" fishing method, which is the best suited for summer fly fishing for capr, it is very important not to hook up the fish too early. This fishing method is very exciting, as we can see in "live transmission" as carp sucks our flies. The negative side of the whole situation is that there is a risk of "premature hooking" when we pull the fly out of the fish mouth. After a while, the fish will realize its mistake, and if it is scratched with a hook, it will almost immediately be spooked and unfortunately there is no chance to catch this fish again.

Once you hook up the fish, try to surprise it with your strength in the first moments! Take its precious powers right at the beginning of the fight and get the fish out of dangerous obstacles to free water, where you get better control over the fish! If you can not do this, the fish will surprise you, it will take you to the first fallen tree, which usually does not work well.

Furious carp fighter! Large humpback mirror carp took my fly from the surface for long distance. After a long and far-off run, he was successfully caught and now is ready to return to his underwater home. Beautiful residental fish which makes me a really happy!
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