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Category: Product Reviews | Author: Pavel Adamovský

Nuclear nymph dubbing is the hottest and most anticipated new fly tying material release of 2022 from the Czech brand Tommi-Fly. Let's take a closer look at this very original blend of natural hairs with synthetic fibres!

Natural dubbing with synthetic fibres Nuclear Nymph Dubbing in a huge range of colours for all kinds of river and stillwater flies!

One of the most exciting new developments in fly tying materials this year is definitely the new dubbing material from Tommi-Fly, launched under the name Nuclear Nymph Dubbing.

It is a dubbing material mixed from nine materials (a combination of natural fibres - about 85% and 15% synthetics) with an extremely interesting UV effect.

UV effect dubbings have been on the market for a long time and are very popular. So why market "another UV dubbing"? The trick is that Nuclear Nymph Dubbing has one unique feature. In layman's terms, I would describe that uniqueness as follows. At first glance, it is not at all obvious that Nuclear Nymph Dubbing has any UV effect. Basically, it looks like a pretty standard boring dubbing that comes in a whopping 56 colors. The UV effect only becomes apparent (and very noticeably so) when the material is illuminated - and it is this property that gave it the name Nuclear... Nuclear Nymph Dubbing is simply a material with a hidden UV effect!

The wide range of colors of this Nuclear Nymph Dubbing perfectly allows you to tie different kinds of artificial flies in all kinds of color variations.

Conventional UV dubbing is mainly based on synthetic fibres, Nuclear Nymph Dubbing is based on 85% natural fibres. The detailed recipe is a production secret, but thanks to the natural component the dubbing moves well in water and the synthetic fibre ensures the desired UV effect.

Nuclear Nymph Dubbing has its basis in dubbing originally designed for Czech Nymphs and is a coarser dubbing material. The use of the material is up to each fly tyier, and I'm curious to see what new successful patterns will emerge from this material. Maybe after the Czech Nymphs other original Czech flies will be released under the name Nuclear Nymphs :-).

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