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10 Tips For Fly Fishing Gifts From Non-Fly Fishers

Category: Product Reviews | Author: Pavel Adamovský

Our tips for gifts for fly firhermen from non-fishermen are based on our years of experience selling fly fishing supplies.

Gift Voucher Czechnymph

This article is for everyone who has a passionate flyfisher in the family or among friends and would like to make him/her happy with a gift but might be afraid of giving a gift that will rather embarrass. Certainly there are a few items in the flyfishing assortment that can be easily choosen even by non-fly fisher. So let's take a look at some tips for a suitable fly fishing gift.

1) Gift Vouchers - Now a common thing offered by a large number of fishing shops and e-shops, so in this case it will only be important to choose the right one! Usually flyfisher's favorite e-shop is not difficult to find out today - whether with a few curious questions, a brief investigation of the likes on Facebook or Instagram and, in the case of a partner fly fisher with shared bank account, a brief look into card transaction statement will make the job. Some people may already consider gift vouchers a bit boring and uncreative so fortunately we have other options.

2) T-shirt or shirt - so there is probably really nothing to spoil - except perhaps choosing a size. T-shirt with fishing motive will please everyone and if you want a little more surprise, then invest in special fly fishing shirts. At first glance, the fly fishing shirt looks like most other outdoor shirts, but try to find a shirt with a few gadgets for fly fishers (e.g. properly placed pockets, D-rings or others). Even better if the selected piece is marked with some popular fly fishing brand - Guideline, Simms, Hardy etc.

3) Small Accessories - in the fly fishing assortment you will also find a few small items that will make a fly fisher happy. Often, these are small accessories, that will not burden your budget - like a beer opener (with a fish motif of course), keychain, seamless scarf, flask and so on.

4) Fly Tying Kit - If you know that the gifted person is going to start fly tying, a great gift can be a complete fly tying kit that includes basic tying tools and tying materials. It is a common barrier for the fly tying beginners to choose the right fly tying staff for the start - there are simply too many fly tying tools and materials to choose from and that is why fly tying kit for beginners is a great help. Probably the best set on the market is a fly tying kit from Veniard (traditional supplier of fly tying materials from UK). This gift is often used by fly tiers to inspire their kids to start fly tying.

Fly Tying Kit Veniard Premium

5) High-Quality Fly Tying Vise - many beginners to fly tying often get simple and cheaper tying vices at the start. If you see that them spending a lot of time on fly tying, maybe it's time for a vise upgrade. Quality vices are also produced in Europe, so besides the joy at home, you will also make happy the local tax office. If you are unsure whether an upgrade is required, send a photograph of the current equipment to our email and we will advise you.

6) Socks & Underwear - Socks and shorts are a gift evergreen in many homes. But how often did you donate socks and underwear from a fly fishing manufacturer? My secret tip is to buy fleece fishing bibs- they will make each fisherman happy and bring a lot of fun to you every time you see the recipient dresses in them. Also send us a photo of this :-)

7) Fishing Hats, Caps And Other Headwear - another category that you will not get burned are fly fishing caps, winter hats and quality Buff scarves. You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs, plus the sizes are versatile, so there is no risk of changing items that don't fit.

8) Fly Fishing Bags - Do you also know fly fishers throwing fishing gear into an IKEA bag? So perhaps the time has come to give the chance to good fishing bag that can hold all the important fly fishing equipment, gadgets, spare clothes and other useless things in bit more organized way.

9) Book - fly fishing literature is never enough and it is also very easy to find out what your dear fly fisher already has in the library and which title is missing. You will be in a great advantage if your recipient rules English, because the choice of fly fishing books in English is seemingly endless and unfortunately in other native languages might be quite limited.

10) Fly Selection - for all fly fishermen who don't tie their own flies, or simply don't have much time for it, e.g. due to their workload, original selections of effective flies that we prepare ourselves for individual fly fishing techniques or fish are another great not only Christmas gift for fly fishermen from non-fly fishermen!

So much our recommendation based on the gift sales experience. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email, online chat, facebook or instagram - we will be happy to advise you...

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