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8 Essential Tools For Pike Fly Fishing

Category: Fly Fishing Tackle | Author: Pavel Adamovský

8 fly fishing accessory for pike fly fishing different from those commonly used for trout and grayling fly fishing.

Pike fly fishing. Source: Guideline - photo by Alvaro Santillan

If you are also going to catch the queen of our rivers - pike, then you will sooner or later deal with the question of the right fly fishing equipment.

Ideally, you will want to start fishing for pike with equipment that you have already accumulated in the past during seemingly never-ending period of necessary fly fishing investments. Of course, you can also catch pike on equipment for still water fly fishing or river streamer fishing, but if you want to catch pikes on a regular basis, it is worth investing in several fly fishing products that will either make your life easier or significantly improve the efficiency of fishing.

The following list of 8 pike items is based on my difficult beginnings in catching pike with a fly:

1) Fly Line

The good news is that if you own a rod and reel in the AFTMA category from 6 to 9, then the ultimate investment in pike fly fishing will be a special fly line. Several manufacturers produce specialized lines for large predators and the advantage of these lines is the shorter and heavier fly line head (WF design), which greatly facilitates casting the large streamers we need for pike. For most situations it will be sufficient to use a floating line, but if you fall in love with fly fishing for pike, then it makes sense to buy an intermediate or even sinking line (especially for fishing for pike on still waters).

2) Flies - Streamers

Although we can sometimes catch pike on a nymph, smaller still water lure or trout streamer, the primary fly for big pike will be larger pike streamers. Very popular are the so-called 3D streamers - they are characterized by large eyes and wide body, so that the fly looks from the bottom similar to a fish that is worth to eat. The color range of pike flies is not so big but I do not dare recommend one single fly pattern or color. The basic colors for pike flies will be red, black, yellow, green and white.

Micro Snaps and tasty pike streamer

3) Fly Box

If you don't want to wear pike streamers in your vest pockets, then a special box for big streamers is a must. Most of your trout and grayling fly boxes simply will simply not be big enough to hold your large pike streamers.

4) Micro Snap

Special micro carabines (micro snaps) greatly facilitate the exchange of flies without the need to shorten the leader. You will appreciate especially in cold weather, when changing the fly is a matter of one minute even with frozen fingers. Thanks to the size of the flies you do not have to worry that the micro snap will be a disturbing element for pikes. Especially in the beginning you will be looking for the right fly and so simple replacement of flies will be useful.

5) Wire or Kevlar Leader

Although we can fish for pike with a traditional nylon leader, using a special kevlar leader or a wire leader will greatly reduce the risk of losing the pike.

Pike in the net

6) Landing Net

Obviously you will soon learn to unhook the pike directly in the water, but to begin with, I recommend playing the pike in the landing net and freeing it from your fly there. Also, if you are fishing for pike from the higher bank with poor access to water, then a classic still water landing net with longer handle may be useful. Always think about how you will fight the pike in the specific conditions of your area, because when the pike is on the rod, it will almost certainly be too late to deal with this question.

7) Forceps

Most of the fly fishers will probably wear the forceps, but you will need a larger size for the pike. It requires longer and more robust tools - at least 20 cm long. Pike unhooking is an adrenaline discipline for all beginners, and with too little forceps you'll be to big pike for laughter.

8) Polarized Glasses

In addition to protecting the eyes from accidental hit of the fly hook, you will appreciate the polarized glasses in search of pike in shallow water and also to intensify the hunting experience, because just watching a large pike viewing your streamer is an adrenaline experience in itself.

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