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Category: Fly Fishing Techniques | Author: Pavel Adamovský

Our selection of the best videos about Euro Nymphing.

We have many questions from our customers about how Euro Nymphing works. We wrote quite some stuff about different nymphing techniques however the European Nymphing technique might easier to be understood from videos.

Below is our selection of good YouTube videos that we believe explain the technique well and some our commentaries to those videos. The selection is NOT ranked by our preferences and surely there are still many other good Euro Nymphing videos out there that could do the same job (explain the European nymphing technique to beginners).

Nymphmaniac (Nymph Fly Fishing for Grayling)

Time: 26:46
Origin: Finland (but video in English with French subtitles

Comment: Despite the authors call the shown method "nymphing", this is clearly Euro Nymphing video. Apart from useful tips, this video has got some great shots.

How To Fish European Nymph Style

Time: 9:33
Origin: US

Comment: Video explains well the set up for Euro Nymphing and the short line and long line technique.

Euro Nymphing - Getting Flies into the Strike Zone

Time: 2:35
Origin: US

Comment: Explains specifically how to get your nymphs down... Useful insight into one important element of nymph fishing!

Why Euro Nymphing Doesn't Suck - Part 1 - The Setup

Time: 5:39
Origin: US

Comment: Euro Nymphing Set up in a nutshell.

How to make the Lance Egan Euro Leader

Time: 8:48
Origin: US

Comment: One of the many ways how to build your home made euro leader.

Euro Nymphing vs Indicator Nymphing

Time: 5:39
Origin: US

Comment: How can you recognize a strike when Euro nymping? Video showing difference between classic strike indicator nymphing and euro nymphing. So if you fish with the "big" indicators this might help you to understand the difference that euro nymphing brings.

Traditional French Style Nymphing Masterclass with Howard Croston

Time: 4:09
Origin: UK

Comment: 2 minutes master class on French Nymphing (European Nymphing) with top 3 tips at the end! (total bit more than 2 min to be precise...)

You Bought a Euro Nymphing Rod... Now What? // Step 1 is Constant Contact

Time: 7:52
Origin: US

Comment: Agree that Constant Contact is key for successful Euro Nymphing, good explanation of this basic principle.

Tipps & Tricks fürs Nymphenfischen - Teil 1. Euro Nymphing. Rute, Rolle, Vorfachmontage.

Time: 25:41
Origin: DE

Comment: Video in German, covers mainly the equipement and set up.

Beginners Guide: Euro Nymph - French Leader Style River Fly Fishing How To

Time: 47:53
Origin: UK

Comment: One of the longest video for the beginners to Euro Nymphing. Everything from rod & reel, leader set up, flies and fishing technique.


Time: 21:32
Origin: US

Comment: Nicely explains the methods but gets little bit boring and commercial at the end...

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