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Insulating Clothing

Insulating termo clothing is a very important part of the fly fishers's clothing! It removes moisture from the body, maintains body temperature, does not let cold to the body and protects our body from unpleasant external influences. In cold weather, it is very good to combine individual layers of thermo-clothing, where we place the thinnest and absorbent woolen thermal underwear on the bare body to sweat. The second layer is a thicker material, and in the end it's good to wear an insulating layer of micro-fleece. The great advantage of the thermo insulating layers is that in the case of warming, you can gradually remove individual layers and put your clothes in small, well-stocked parts.

If you don't know what to choose from our offer of quality thermal underwear, read the article "The Importance Of SENSOR Insulating Underwear For Fly Fishermen", which will guide you through the all products and their main use - from the fly fisherman's perspective!

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