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Fishing Tackle On Test - Fishing Shirt Simms Intruder BiComp

Category: Product Reviews | Author: Ála Richie

In the new episode of my "Fishing Tackle On Test", I would like to focus again on another indispensable part of fly fishing clothing, but this time for the warmest period of the fishing season - tiring hot summer and sometimes even spring months! If you go to the water in such weather - instead of to the swimming pool - even in broad daylight like me, you definitely need some suitable ultralight and airy clothes, ideally with a UPF factor, which will protect you from all threats of extremely hot weather and help you spend a successful fishing day in maximum comfort!

Super light fishing shirts Simms Intruder BiComp breathes, blocks sun, and stores essentials. About the only thing it doesn’t do is catch the fish.

And that's why I chose a great summer Fishing Shirt Simms Intruder BiComp in my favorite blue color with the original name Faded Denim for this review.

First of all, it should be noted that this summer dress is a combination of a shirt and a long-sleeved stretch shirt, which I personally like very much for several reasons. From a view of traditional shirt, we can find a very fast fastening on plastic patents, a practical collar with which we can protect our necks in case of really sharp sun rays (in case we forget the multifunctional scarf Buff Original, for example), airy loose fit and of course two spacious chest pockets made of mesh and with zippers, which are great for storing lighter accessories, spools with leader or small flat boxes with essential flies. Stretch UPF long sleeved shirt is mainly represented by long sleeves with cuffs, which can - if necessary - be rolled up to any length and thanks to their flexibility they hold perfectly on the hands.

The material of the shirt is made of specially modified 100% polyester of the double type and these materials are very suitably combined. The main surfaces (front, back and main surface of the shirt) are made of very light and airy low-weight material with a "waffle" structure. The underside of the sleeves, side panels and sleeve cuffs are made of smooth and flexible polyester, which you know, for example, from light UPF long sleeved shirts designed for fishing in tropical areas.

As a traditional proof that Simms really thinks about the practicality of their products, a special cloth for cleaning polarized glasses is sewn into the back of the lower right part of the shirt! I've been excited about this improver before, with my gray Simms Guide shirt, which has this cleaning cloth sewn on for the more practical left underside on the loose hem of my shirt.

Fishing Shirt Simms Intruder BiComp Faded Denim

This ultralight and maximally breathable shirt is of course designed mainly for fishing in the warmest areas of the world with extreme humidity, the same is confirmed by the inconspicuous rather "faded" colors in which it is made - Sterling (light gray), Storm (grey-blue) and Slate (grey), so for all hunters who are going on a fishing trip to the Caribbean etc., this garment is a matter of course and the best choice! However, this does not mean that this shirt is unusable in our European conditions.

Personally, I tested this Fishing Shirt Simms Intruder BiComp several times (without washing) probably in the hottest and sunniest days of summer, especially when fishing for large carp fish, but also during hot evening fishing on the river and I am extremely excited about it for its exceptional properties!

The shirt is really very light and comfortable (you won't even notice it on your body in a while) and maximally breathable (even in very hot weather, I sweated minimally in it, because it lets out even the slightest breeze, which immediately cools your body). Even after several uses during very hot all-day fishing, the shirt does not smell thanks to the "Anti-Odor" processing. After soaking in water, the material cools you very pleasantly, on the other hand, it dries very quickly, so for example, the wet loose ends of the shirt dry so quickly. Thanks to the fineness of the material, any dirt can be washed out of the shirt very quickly and cleaned right next on the water (mud, dirt from branches or from the water surface, fish slime, etc.). Another big plus is that the shirt is treated with UPF 30+ protection, so it does not emit dangerous ultra-violet radiation to our body and the sun's rays reflect out.

CONCLUSION: Given the given and highlighted properties, I cannot attribute absolutely any disadvantage to this shirt and therefore in no case even its seemingly "high" price. One might say that the shirt is expensive, and I admit that before testing it, I planned to include this factor in the disadvantages of this shirt. But I can't, because the quality of workmanship and all the above-mentioned advantages correspond exactly to the price of this extraordinary summer shirt! So again, I can boldly say that in the case of Simms Intruder BiComp, it is a complete MUST HAVE for summer fishing in the warmest conditions anywhere in the world! For me, it has become a clear reliable buddy for summer fishing trips and I definitely have no reason to wear anything else during this hot season!

If you love summer fishing, or simply can't stand being at home in peace and coolness, even on the hottest summer days, you definitely need this special shirt! ;-)

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