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"On The Water" - Summer Stillwater Belly Boating

Category: Expeditions | Author: Ála Richie

Spend another good day by the water with me! This time I went again to the smaller trout reservoir to settle accounts with the local trout from the last not so successful trip! See how I did - this time fishing from a belly-boat!

"On The Water" - Weekly Fishing Blog: Summer Stillwater Belly Boating

Another hard but lovely day on my favorite still water - this time with my longtime buddy Guideline Drifter Kick Boat! 🤜🤛😍

AR Fish Fry Sparkler Booby rulez again with cracking rainbows near the bottom of the lake, but nymph & wet fly fishing on floating line was a great and successful method as well! 💥🎣

Just like last trip, I spent the whole day with my unteachable "Total Fishing" (naming my approach to fishing by my friend Jirka 😆), but this time with much better results and so much unbroken fishing ego! 😏😅

Fish behaviour is very variable on stillwater in warm summer weather and it is important to adapt often! 🤔✊

In these cases I prepare 2 fly rods:

✅ One with sinking line with 1 or 2 Booby Nymphs - for very slowly retrieve "no-forced" fishing for apathetic fish near the bottom.

✅ And the other rod usually with floating or hover fly line with smaller nymphs, wet and dry flies for finicky fish below the surface.

✅ If both methods don't work to my liking, I try other types of lines, flies and techniques - lures on intermediate lines, washing line, static BUNG etc.! 😉

And what are your tactics for summer stillwater fishing - if you do it at all? 🔥☀🤔 Feel free to share your experiences and successes 👉 HERE 👈

Tight lines,
Aleš 🎣🍀

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