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The section of Wet Flies is beside Nymphs and Dry Flies one of the most basic and most important categories of artificial flies for salmonid and coarse fish on rivers and lakes. Wet flies in fact imitate sunken insects freely entrained by the river stream or floating in a water column in still water. This type of food is another big part of the fish diet, so it is very important to have a special box of wet flies, because if the fish feed with freely drowning sunk insects, they mostly do not respond to another type of food!

Patterns like March Brown, Butcher, Orange & Partridge, Zulu, Bibio, Soldier Palmer, and traditional Northern Spiders are therefore the basic wet flies that should not be missed in the box of any river and lake fly fisher. Wet flies are absolutely necessary for successful fishing and often save the situation on poor dog days!

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