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Carp Flies category has been tailor made for anglers looking to target carp on the fly. Our selection of floating dog biscuit patterns and bread crust imitations have been extremely popular over the last few years as fly fishing for carp has grown in popularity. Our carp flies work perfectly throughout the summer months when you can enjoy great fun with fly rod and big hard fighting fish! In this category, you can also find flies that we have specially selected for you for active fishing of our targeted fish - stalking. In this fishing technique we find the fish we want to catch and offer our flies as close as possible for perfect controlling the fish strike!

If you are looking for important information about fishing for carp fish, see these article: Morning Glory: Carp and Carp Fly Fishing - Tips & Tricks, and see the following fly fishing galleries: Summer Carp On the Fly & Summer Carp On the Fly Vol. II

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