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Winged Wet Flies

Winged Wet Flies are probably the most numerous group of wet flies. These traditional patterns imitate insects drowned under the surface and drifting by the river stream, the development stages of water insects living in lakes and standing water or small tiny fish or small fish fry. They are tied on heavier fly hooks with downcast wings towards the body.

In this category you will find mainly traditional patterns such as deadly river and lake flies like Butcher, Alexandra, Coachman, March Brown, Iron Blue Dun, Invicta, Greenwells Glory and many others! So do not hesitate and get the best wet patterns from our offer of Wings Wet Flies!

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Alexandra Alexandra, Size 12
Buy 1,7 EUR
Invicta Invicta, Size 12
Buy 1,7 EUR
Sooty Olive Sooty Olive, Size 12
Buy 1,7 EUR
Dunkeld Dunkeld, Size 12
Buy 1,7 EUR
March Brown Wet March Brown Wet, Size12
Buy 1,7 EUR
Peter Ross Peter Ross, Size 12
Buy 1,7 EUR
Wickhams Fancy Wickhams Fancy, Size 12
Buy 1,7 EUR
Silver Invicta Silver Invicta, Size 12
Buy 1,7 EUR
Green Peter Green Peter, Size 12
Buy 1,7 EUR
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