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Category: Expeditions | Author: Ála Richie

Come with me to "enjoy" a real dog day while fishing for stillwater rainbow trout on a smaller Czech reservoir, which is managed in a trout regime for the purposes of commercial fly and spin fishing! See how I did when fishing from the bank!

"On The Water" - Weekly Fishing Blog: A Typical "Dog Day" On Still Water

Hot summer dog day on my favorite small stillwater within my holiday! ☀🐶😥

12 hours on the water 😲, every strike was an exceptional affair you definitely don't want to waste! 🤯🎣

Here is a list of my all-day efforts regularly accompanied by strong swearing! 🤬😅

Booby fishing with slowly retrieving on a fast sinking line...

❎ Dry fly fishing with dry flies of all types and sizes...

❎ Static BUNG fishing with nymphs and buzzers...

Streamer fishing with an intermediate and sinking fly line...

❎ Fishing small attractors with fast retrieving on intermediate & hover fly lines...

✅ Small spiders with extremely slow retrieving on subsurface Hover fly line! ✊

In my report mosaic you can see the most successful flies:

👍 AR Hot Head Peacock Spider & AR Badger Green Tag Stick Fly 👌

Finaly... Every fishing day is a beautiful day full of new experiences and knowledge to next trips! 🧠🌊😍

I wish you a nice summer days & tight lines! 🤘☯

Aleš 🎣🍀

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