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Tail Feathers

Single and long rays of Tail Feathers of some big birds are an excellent tying material for the creation of fine and naturally acting bodies of nymph but also of wet and dry flies! For this purpose are especially popular tail feathers from pheasants, peacocks, turkeys and cocks! From such a common material as feather tail from Pheasant, so famous and still very effective flies such as Pheasant Tail Nymph, Teeny Nymph, Cove Nymph and many others. Excellent and very accessible material is the individual rays of long tail feathers from Peacock - traditional flies as Red Tag, Griffiths Gnat, Coch-Y-Bondhu, Coachman or Alder. Tail feathers of the Amherst Pheasant is irreplaceable in the tying of traditional salmon flies and some shorter tail feathers are suitable for wings of wet and dry flies or larger trout and salmon streamers.

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