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Body Plumage

Packing of individual Body Plumage is great especially when fly tiers - beginners do not want to invest a lot of money into the whole scalp, and in this way they can try a large number of different fly tying materials! Of course, there are materials in which all or part of the scalp is not produced for a variety of reasons, so it comes to these practical packages. It's easy - you can not get the whole scalp from the English partridge to tie a pair of wet March Brown!

In our offer of Body Plumage, you can choose from a large number of smaller types of feathers that come from all parts of the bird body and are available in practical packaging! Very popular are the aforementioned feathers from the English or French partridge, a smaller feather from the individual parts of the pheasant, the guinea fowl, the wild duck, the peacock or the golden pheasant and many others!

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