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Feathers of terrestrial and water birds are among the oldest and most timeless - future fly tying materials used to all kinds of artificial flies! Fly tying of artificial flies without feathers? It would be hard to imagine! It is a traditional and essential tying material whose charm lies mainly in its good availability, which is associated with a huge type and variety, very good life, mobility, natural appearance and the possibility of bleaching and dyeing. There is no bird whose feathers would not be used to tied of artificial flies imitating natural fish food or fantastic attractors flies!

In this category, you will find all kinds of feathers that you just remember, in all possible colors and designs! In subcategories, you can choose from whole or partial bird scalps and body skins, whole wings, dyed marabou feathers from turkey and duck CDC, which now belong to the necessary fly tying materials. You can also find tail feathers and wing quills, small feathers from all possible parts of the bird's body, or exceptional types of feathers used for special purposes!

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