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Furs are another indispensable fly tying material that has much to do with feathers! Like feathers, terrestrial and aquatic animals are among the oldest and most timeless tying materials! It is a traditional and very used fly tying material whose magic lies mainly in its good availability, which is associated with a huge type and variety, immortality, natural appearance and the possibility of bleaching and dyeing. Excellent properties include furs from animals living by water and in water, such as muskrat, nutria, mink and seal. The fur of these animals is very natural in water, they capture water bubbles and revitalize our flies very well!

In our category of natural hair and furs, you can find roe and deer hair scalps great for wings of dry caddis flies, hare masks for coarse dabbings, dyed polar fox fur for wings of trout and salmon streamers, mole skin with very fine fur suitable for tying of small wet spider flies, or cut zonker strips from rabbit and muskrat excellent for trout and big predator streamers!

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