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Dubbing Materials

In the Dubbing category, you'll find ready-mixed and thoroughly mixed blends of natural and synthetic hairs and materials of all kinds of colors and structures! Natural dubbings are most often used for naturally occurring bodies of artificial flies, from synthetic or brightly colored dubbings we can tie the highlighting elements of the flies that act as a trigger point for fish! Dubbings can be combined and blended together to achieve original blends and often very effective fly patterns!

You can choose from natural dubbings from opossum, muksrat, seal fur, rabbit and hare mixtures, all of these are suitable for making nymphs, wet and dry flies and streamers, or dubbing from solid hollow winter deer hair, which is great for body dubbing to loop of dry caddis flies. From synthetic dubbings you will certainly appreciate the Gleamy Dubbing immitting the coarser and shiny seal fur, Spectra, Microflash, Metalic and UV-ICE Dubbingy, which are excellent for tiny irritants (trigger point) and bodies of fantastic still water lures and streamers or fine nymph dubbing like Superfine, Czech Nymph, Blend and UV-Blend!

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