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Fly hooks are the most basic fly tying material for most artificial flies. On the fly hooks we tie individual fly tying materials and we create an artificial fly. When choosing the right and quality fly fishing hook, we have to consider a few very important aspects, including the size of the hook, the sharpness of the hook point, the strength of the wire associated with its weight, as well as its material and color, the manufacturer and the price. Very important is also the "mission" of the hook, in other words - what kind of fly we really want to tied on it and how big and fighting fish we want to fish for!

But at first you do not have to worry about these aspects, because in our category you will find all kinds of fly hooks that we have divided into clear subcategories in which you always choose the appropriate hooks for your chosen purpose of tying and fishing! We have only quality hooks from Czech (Hends, Hanák Competition, Jiří Klíma) and world brands (Fulling Mill - Hayabusa) for all kinds of artificial flies!

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