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The Hemingway's Furled Leaders

Category: Product Reviews | Author: Pavel Adamovský

Have you ever heard about furled leaders? If you would like to improve your casting and fly presentation, you should continue reading...

Czech Nymph Furled Leader

Have you ever heard about furled leaders? If you would like to improve your casting and fly presentation, you should continue reading. Furled leaders can be constructed from any fine material from thread, nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon. Each of these materials gives the furled leader a different feel and strength. There are furled leaders on the market for dry fly fishing, nymphing (including Czech Nymphing), pike fishing, saltwater fishing etc.

Furled leaders have many advantages when compared to other types of fly fishing leaders. Constructed similar to a length of rope, they are virtually memory free. This lack of memory means you never need to straighten them, they are more accurate and they help detect light strikes. Furled leader’s flexibility also gives them a soft natural presentation of the fly, while still having the power to turnover long tippets. The reason why furled learders improve the fly presenation is simple:  Furled leaders give a smooth transfer of energy from your fly line through to your tippet material (and of course your fly).

Sometimes you might get confused by another type of leader - braided. Braided leaders have similar functions as furled leaders but are not the same!

I found nice explanation of the differnece between furled and braided leader construction at:  http://www.rodbuildingforum.com (comment by  Michael L. J. Hackney)

...I have made both furled and braided (also called plaited) lines and leaders in horsehair, nylon, silk, etc.

Furling is the process that ropes are made using. It involves twisting 2 or more strands in the same direction and then allowing these strands to countertwist upon each other to form a helical cord. Most commercial furled leaders use 2 strands. 3 strand leaders and lines are more supple (less stiff) and "rounder" in cross section.

Braiding is also called plaiting and is exactly the same process girls use to braid their hair. It requires a minimum of 3 strands. 3 strand braids results in a flat ribbon like line. Silk lines of yesteryear were braided from 8 or more strands - resulting in a very "round" line. I have some antique braided leader that uses 4 strands and is also very "round"...

But back to furled leaders. If you would like to try them you can purchase the premium furled leaders from Hemingway's in our eShop. Hemingway's  fly fishing products are handcrafted in  Serbia (former Yugoslavia) with more than 25 years fly fishing experience on the great fly fishing area (Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia). The advantages of  Hemingeay's  furled leaders are as follows:

- Change leader and tippet in a flash

- Fight larger fish with lighter tippet

- Cast perfect loops

- Add distance to your cast

- Long leaders cast with ease

- Makes better presentation on the water

- Improves your accuracy

- Lasts longer than a standard mono leader

- Available in floating and sinking models

- All leaders come with small loop, for easy tippet change

- Include level tipet. Prelooped with Perfection knot

See full assortment of Furled Leaders on our website.

I would appreciate if you share your experience with the furled leaders please post a comment to this article.

Tight Furled Leaders!

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