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Grayling ala Russia

Category: Other Fly Fishing Articles | Author: Pavel Adamovský

One simple recipe how to prepare grayling in Russian way.

Original recipe

The recipe for preparation is allegedly Russian. This information is one of the treasures of Lubbe, who, when he's in the mood, tells the fishing stories to be humorous. Especially from salmon fishing, but also from general fishing in Scandinavia and Russia and about life up there in general.

And once he gave me this tip for the preparation of the grayling allegedly from the Russians.

So I remembered the recipe once:

Grayling ala Russia: Grayling - how much meat so much onion, pepper + salt,

lemon -> load 1 hour

In an hour, drop the fish with oil

And here the recipe ends, so I assume it's time to eat. Try it yourself, ideally right somewhere near the water in the wilderness of the nothern Europe!

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