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What Is The Best Fly Rod For The European Rivers?

Category: Fly Fishing Tackle | Author: Pavel Adamovský

The most frequent question from our customers is about the best fly rod...

Fly Rod Hanak Competition 4in1

Very often we get questions from fly fishing beginners about the best fly fishing rod for the eureopan rivers. The answer can be very complicated, but it does not make it easy for a novice fly fisher. So my simple recommendation for the beginner's fly fishing rod is as follows:

The ideal rod for fly fishing on rivers and streams in Europe is one of two: Hanak Competition Czech Nymph 4in1 or Hends GPX 2in1 - both in AFTMA 3.

The reasons are as follows:

- The 2in1 (or 4in1) concept greatly expands the use of the fly rod, mainly for two basic fly fishing methods - dry fly fishing (rod in a shorter version) and Euro nymphing (rod in a longer version)

- the possibility of changing the length of the fly rod allows to fish on both larger rivers and smaller streams

- AFTMA 3 is optimal for catching various sizes of fish - such fly rod can handle larger fish occasionally and is ideal for fishing of medium and smaller size fish that prevail in our rivers

- the concept of a variable fly fishing rod is suitable for fly fishers that will fish in various regions or countries without requiring a special fly fishing rod

And does the concept of these variable fly rods also have some drawbacks? Perhaps only one - if you want to change the size of the rod directly on the water, you always have to figure out where to put the parts - the extension. One solution is to insert this part into the back pocket of your jacket or fly vest. The second solution is to decide before you start fishing about the length of the rod you will catch and leave the extension part in your car boot.

If you have any questions regarding the fly rod choice for your specific needs, please feel free to ask by contacting us through our contact form, e-mail or Facebook profile!

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