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Category: Expeditions | Author: Ála Richie

Experience my last stalking expedition this summer with me! This time I went for smaller and somewhat forgotten waters, which are always a bit unpredictable. Often you leave them with no cast, sometimes they can surprise you very pleasantly... ;-)

"On The Water" - Weekly Fishing Blog: Farewell To Summer Stalking

👋 Farewell to summer took place on one beautiful sunny August day in the form of my favorite stalking of freshwater carp fish! 👁️🐟😍

The summer months this year were not among the traditionally warm and sunny, to which we had to get used in the past years! ☀🏜 😓

👌 So I personally don't mind at all, on the contrary, I'm very happy about it and - even though I used these previous hot and dry years mainly for my favorite carp stalking 👀, or exploring other inaccessible places on large and watery rivers 🌊 - I think that nature needed such a "wet year" and I firmly hope that it has recovered at least a little from those hard furnaces that have recently ruled our country! 💦🤞🙂

Anyway, August was richer in the sun than July, so I mostly used those few nice days to chase the sub-surface monsters! 🐋

⭐ During my last expedition, I decided to explore one blind river arm, which was, on the one hand, extremely overgrown with leaves, and the water in it was very colored, and after bypassing it, I found a drowned sheep at the end of it! So in my mind I wished Good Luck! to the farmer-owner while pulling it out and set out on the way back with no cast... This is exactly how the unforgettable fishing days begin, you know! 🤩😅

I originally wanted to end my "successful day", but in the end I decided to visit another forgotten smaller flooded sand pit - Why not?! 🧐

I began to walk around the water slowly, and around the shores in lightly colored water I discovered a few smaller carps snooping in shallow alluvium. But as Uncle Bob would have written - they were fish "a little on a small sides" so I didn't even try them! (Note. Who knows, has a point!) 📖🤣

I came to a smaller bay, where I found 2 nice grass carp, which stood at rest about 40 cm below the surface. And even though I was equipped only with my indestructible universal fly rod Guideline Elevation 590-4, I decided to go against luck! 😳✊😆

As an ideal bite for such fish, I chose from my box box my 🍃 AR Grass Carp Algae Fly 🍃, with which I have success with this fish species, however - due to its caution and disbelief - not always! ☝️😏

But this time it worked - covered with coastal grasses, I made a short but accurate cast a short distance from the head of one of the grass carp! 🌿 After its gentle movement towards the fateful bite, I instinctively got stuck and... FISH IS ON and the rodeo begins! 💣💥🌪

During the first lunge, I realized that fish of this size are usually caught on a rod 3-4 categories AFTMA higher! 😁 The fight was beautiful, exciting, thanks to the strong line and my "no merci" way of fighting certainly shorter (and for grass carp so less exhausting) than it could be, the fish once took the whole line with a few meters of backing, but ended up in my landing net! 🤘💪

🏆 I quickly photographed the beautiful grass carp around 80 cm in - for hunting "loners" necessary - the composition Fish & Gear and released it back! 📸🔁😍

In the end, I walked around the rest of the water in a hurry, caught an even smaller carp and with great satisfaction in my heart went home for a refreshing iced drink! 🍹😎

I wish you all a relaxing end of the summer and look forward to my next trip "From the Water" next time - but probably from some mountain grayling stream! 🏞🍂💜

Tight lines,
Aleš 🎣🍀

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