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However subjective this topic can be - here are the author's best fly fishing locations in the Czech Republic.

Pavel Adamovsky runs and travels frequently to many fly fishing rivers & streems in the Czech republic.  Pavel recommends TOP 10 Fly Fishing destinations in the Czech republic.

1. Vltava below Lipno Dam

These days this stretch of Vltava is probably the best destination in Czech. Great surroundings and good river management attracts fly fishers from all country. River Vltava holds good population of brown trout and rainbow trout. You can catch other species like chub, dice, perch or pike. Prolific sedge hatches during in the second half of May and June. If you are in the area do not forget the town of Český Krumlov - a great place for romantic soul. Avoid fishing Vltava in July - August as during those summer months the river is "invaded" by canoeists.

Best time: May-July

2. Upper Vltava

Upper Vltava flows trough  Šumava national park with its wild countryside (deer, wild boars, lynx). River holds good population of brown trout and grayling. Be sure you bring the light weight tackle here (rods & lines of 2-3 AFTMA). Good place to practice Czech Nymphing but can get pretty cold at the end of the season!

Best time: June and September

3. Otava

Another river that is born in Šumava national park. Upper Otava is a fast stream/river with cold fast moving water and nice wild brownies. Around town Sušice you will find nice pools with trouts and graylings. The last stretch below Horaždovice has status of non-salmonid fishery and is good spot for catching coarse fish on fly.

Best time: May-June, September

4. Ohře

Ohře below Nechranice Dam is large river that used to produce the largest trouts and graylings in the country some time ago. Not easy to fish but can be very rewarding especially during the evening sedge hatches. There is another piece of water for flyfishing bit higher upstream (between Sráž nad Ohří and Velichov) that is very beautifull but with much less & smaller fish.

Best time: May-June

5. Jizera

Nice stream rushing from Giant Mountains in the north of the country. Excellent water for those who would like to practice French Nymphing. Wild water in the upper part (from Polish border to village Poniklá - mainly brown trout) that is slowing down in the middle section (from Sytová to Železný Brod - good mix of brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling and coarse fish).

Best time: April - June, September - October

6. Dyje

The fly fishing is practiced mainly on the very special section inside the Podyji National Park (Thayatal). Most of the places require walk to the river as cars have limited access to the area. If the fishing is poor you can still enjoy the best wines of the country couple of miles downstream.

Best time: May - June

7. Divoká Orlice

Smaller stream/river in a wonderful countryside settings of Eastern Bohemia. The stream follows the Czech-Polish border for couple of miles and can be fished up to the town of Kostelec nad Orlici (host town of European fly-fishing championship back in 2000). Good population of trout and grayling in upper stretches. Nice water for dry fly as well as for nymphing.

Best time: May-June, September-October

8. Sázava

Sázava is mainly coarse fish water with good opportunities to practice fly fishing for chub and dice. The most interesting part is to be found close to town Ledeč nad Sázavou where the river flows fast trough a wide valley with huge bolders in the river (place called Stvořidla). To fish this stretch is a real challenge where the scenery is primary and fish (some trout but mainly coarse fish) is secondary.

Best time: May - September

9. Bečva

There are actually two Bečvas - Vsetínská Bečva and Rožnovská Bečva. Both meets below town Valašské Meziříčí. In upper parts both are nice mountain streams full of trout and grayling, the lower stretches have good mixed fish population (both salmonids and coarse fish).

Best time: May-June, September-October

10. Bělá Jesenická

This stream/river flows from Jeseníky mountains. Some stretches were affected by complete "canalization" (local way of fighting the frequent floodings) but in general the water benefits from a good river management. Nice population of brown trout, grayling and stocked rainbow trout. Leave you wife to enjoy the spa Jeseniky and you will have plenty of good time to explore the river.

Best time: May-June, September-October

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