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Brass Beads

Brass beads have been used for a long time in the fly fishing, for example - older types of gold head nymphs, or classical designs of stillwater lures and attractors can not be imagined today without them. Their advantage is a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes, and the fact that we can wind the different lengths and widths of the lead wire into their cutouts! Although this type of loading is much longer in today's boom of tungsten beads, it is also much more detailed and we can play more with the weight of our own flies! The colorful beads increase the attractiveness of the flies, along with the load, as they create bright contrasting transitions on the fly that are very appealing to the fish!

Be sure to use a large number of colors and diameters of brass beads, especially when tying lake lures, lighter nymphs, wet flies and other river and stillwater patterns!

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