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Description and use of 5 special hooks for fly tying original patterns of river nymphs.

Nowadays, nymphing is becoming very complex fly-fishing concept and for many beginners it can be quite difficult to orientate in this topic. Many fly fishers have this technique mainly associated with flies tied on the Czech Nymph or Jig hooks. However, you can also meet special hooks, which I would like to introduce to you in this article.

Special fly fishing hooks for tying nymphs would be divided into Loaded hooks, which already have some lead load and Special shape hooks, which are most often used for special types of nymphs (stonefly nymphs, larvae, polish Glajcha nymphs etc.), where the shape and length of hooks helps us to create realistic imitation of the chosen pattern.

Jiří Klíma's Drop Micronymph Hook Jungle Cock


1) Jiří Klíma's Drop Micronymph Hook

The first described is a hook with a loaded lead drop, designed for tying patterns of wet flies and nymphs. This type of hook comes from the former state trainer of fly fishing team Jiří Klíma (former coach of the Czech National Fly Fishing Team). The teardrop shape of the load nicely imitate the head-part of mayfly larvae and other nymph species. In addition, micronymphs are produced in a variety of colors, such as gold, fluo colors or jungle cocks. Although this is no longer a revolutionary novelty, Klíma's micronymphs are still effective, and I love to fish with them on a floating line with wet flies!

Available sizes: 10 - 18

Jiří Klíma's Czech Nymph Loaded Hook

2) Jiří Klíma's Czech Nymph Loaded Hook

Another loaded hook is designed for tying a variety of specimens. The load of the hook very realistic imitates the shape of the larvae of caddisflies (hydropsyche) and freshwater gammarus. For a truly realistic imitation of the gammarus pattern, we can even squeeze the load with the forceps (to make it more flat). Before tying with a this hook, however, the lead body should be slightly roughened or coated with a glue, so that the body material does not slide from the hook. These hooks are well suited for tying Slovak Super Heavy Nymphs after adding an additional flat lead layer.

Available sizes: 6 - 16

Slovak Sand Peeping Caddis Bomb Hook

3) Slovak Sand Peeping Caddis Bomb Hook

The last of the presented loaded hooks is primarily intended to make the Slovak super heavy nymphs. They help us to present lighter flies to the largest pits and pools on large rivers. You can find out more about the use of those heavy nymphs our article Slovak Sand Peeping Caddis Bombs. Bomb hooks look like very realistic Peeping Caddis. Due to their use it is not necessary to supplement the flies with some color trigger, but you can expect to catch on patterns of smaller sizes too.

Available weights: 1.2 - 12 grams

Fulling Mill Living Larvae Hook


4) Fulling Mill Living Larvae Hook

The first of the specially shaped hooks is designed for Klinkhåmmer and Skating Caddis patterns or imitations of long larvae of stoneflies, mayflies and smaller dragonflies. I personally use a hook to tie stonefly nymphs that have a long body. These in my homeland (Czech Republic) do not have such use, because in our country stoneflies do not occur in abundant numbers, so that trout actively search for food as often as in some areas abroad. In Slovenia or in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the stoneflies are very abundant, growing in size, and are a big bite for fish that is not very difficult to catch. Stoneflies are sometimes really huge and specially shaped hooks to tie them are scarce, so I miss this model in size 8 - 10.

Available sizes: 12 - 16

Hends Pupa & Shrimp Nymph Hook (BL554)

5) Hends Pupa & Shrimp Nymph Hook (BL554)

Another specially shaped hook is designed for all kinds of nymphs of various larvae, pupae, and Czech Nymphs, so its use is very varied. In smaller sizes 12 - 16, these hooks are ideal in combination with heavy body loads that have a longitudinal shape and are 3 times heavier than conventional tungsten beads. The flies attached to these loads are used on large deep rivers where we need to get the flies to the bottom quickly. It is also produced in sizes 6 - 8, which can be used for the above-mentioned stoneflies or Polish imitations of earthworms - Gleicha nymphs.

Available sizes: 4 - 16

So much for special hooks that are useful in tying flies for nymphing. In certain situations, the flies on these hooks have advantages and therefore it is good to have a few "specials" in the fly box.

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