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Basic information about fly fishing in Salzburg region, Austria.

The Austrian region of Salzburg, offers excellent opportunities for fly fishing with a great ratio of distance travelled (comming from central Europe), price and fishing experience. Let's take a look at the basic options for fly fishing in this destination.

Species of fish

Fly-fishing enthusiasts can come to Austria for the beautiful catches of salmonids, which vary according to the type of water, but many anglers are attracted to the region especially for the fishing of brown trout and grayling. The lake trout (form of brown trout) also inhabits the mountain still waters, and you can also catch the artic char and rainbow trout in the region. Rainbows spawn naturally in many local waters and catching such fish is a real treat!

Fishing licences

In Austria, there is no national fishing association, but the waters are almost all private and managed by individual fishing associations or local hotel owners. You can fly fish all over Austria, but the fishing rules vary from region to region, so it's a good idea to check in advance which type of fishing permit you need and where you can buy it.

In the Salzburg region, you will need a weekly fishing ticket (Wochengastfishekarte - price in 2022 was 13.5 Euro) and a permit for the selected fishing ground (prices from 30 to 100 Euro). Both can be bought in one place - either at a hotel that has a fishing programme as a service or at another suitable place. But beware, as some hotels in Austria only issue fishing permits to their guests.

Where to fly fish in the Salzburgerland region

The Mittersill area - streams, rivers and mountain lakes

Mittersill is a small town on the Salzach river and the centre for fishing trips in the region is the Hotel Bräurup. You'll know it's a fishing hotel right outside the entrance, where you won't miss the trout and char aquarium. The hotel also has a small fishing shop where you can buy a fishing ticket, fishing licence and basic fishing supplies. The local shopkeepers will also be happy to advise you on where to go fishing and give you a map of all the fishing grounds, which are plentiful in the area - mountain lakes, smaller mountain streams, rivers and the main Salzach river.

Licences: In the Hotel Bräurup. Prices between 30-100 Euro, the usual price on fly-fishing-friendly grounds is around 50 Euro.

Permits are issued to all without the need for hotel accommodation.

Season: year-round on selected waters (e.g. Salzach), some waters are closed during the autumn and spring.

Link: Hotel Bräurup

Fuscher Ache - fly fishing under the highest mountain in Austria

The Fuscher Ache is one of the tributaries of the Salzach River, into which it flows near the ski resort of Zell am See. It is a crystal-clear mountain stream that rises near Austria's highest mountain, Großglockner, and rainbow trout, brown trout and the local artci char are abundant in the area.

Licences: At the petrol station in town Lofer, at the local tourist centre, or at other locations for a price of 70 Euro

Season: 1 March - 31 October


Around Lofer - fly fishing on the Saalach River and tributaries

Pension Forellenstube in Lofer manages 3 fishing grounds, the large river Salaach, the mountain river Loferbach and the stream Moosbach. If you want to enjoy fly fishing with all the trimmings, accommodation in the guesthouse is a prerequisite. For non-housed fishermen, it is only possible to obtain a permit for a 2.5 km stretch of the Saalach River. You can fish for brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling or artic char in the local fishing grounds.

Licence: Pension Forellenstube - permit included in the price of accomodation. Permit for non-residents 55 Euro.

Season: as decided by the hotel.

Link: Forellenstube (

Accommodation and camping

The first option is, of course, to choose a "fishing hotel", in some cases it is actually a necessity if the hotel owner limits the permits to guests only. There are many accommodation options in Austria in high season, depending on your preference and financial possibilities. If you like a bit of adventure, I can recommend camping "in the wilderness". Waking up in the morning and watching the sun set by an alpine river or lake is another wonderful experience that will deepen your hunting passion. The Salzburg region is very benevolent towards caravan and motorhome camping, but if you come across a ban, make use of the designated camping sites - Restplatz or Zeltplatz.

Of course, when camping, be courteous and respectful of the beautiful local countryside!

Loca guide

Our friend Jarda Bartoň knows almost every rock in the water in his area and that is why he is guiding here. So if you are not sure about the unknown areas, or you just want to improve your skills, don't hesitate to arrange a day with Jarda on one of the beautiful waters of Salzburg.

Fly fishing guide service in the Austrian Alps and videos of fishing on local fishing grounds.

Link to guiding in Salzburg region: Fly fishing Guide service in the Austrian Alps

YouTube videos from local fishing grounds: Fly Fishing in the Alps - YouTube

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