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Caddis Larvae

Caddis are one of the most common species of insects living in freshwater. Caddis larvae inhabit the bottom of rivers and lakes and can exist in 3 species. The first species is the large larvae building cases from the small stones and lumps - the Cased Caddis - and the fish absolutely loves them! The other species are free living gray and beige colored Hydropsyche larvae, and the last type is the green colored larvae named Rhyacophila. The imitation of all of these types of caddis larvae can be found in this category of artificial flies.

Try Peeping Caddis nymph patterns, which imitate Cased Caddis, Hydropsyche and Rhycaophila larvae from the famous fly fisher and fly tier Oliver Edwards, or the universal Czech Mates nymphs!

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