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Hare's Ears

Hare's Ear is a term used to designate a large number of artificial flies, which are tied from coarser dubbing from a hare mask - hare ear that contains a very short and nature multicolored fur. This mix is excellent for nymphs and dry patterns! The fly is very natural and attractive for fish living on rivers and lakes! Stillwater nymphs tied to such dubbing are mostly imitating the pupae of the chironomids and they are very versatile and successful in fishing cautious old fish!

The GRHE Weighted Nymph, the Golden Nugget GRHE Nymph are great nymphs for fly fishing on the river, Holo Hare Red or Holo Hare Gold are excellent fine flies for stillwater rainbow and brown trout which no longer respond to bigger lures or coloroed wet flies and nymphs.

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