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Diawl Bachs

Diawl Bachs are absolutely indispensable type of small lake nymphs which do not imitate any particular species of water insects, but they are very effective and lake brown and rainbow trout totally love them. Diawl Bachs exist in many forms, whether they are purely original natural patterns that are tied from peacock herl, brown rooster and black tying threads, or they are fantastic and multicolored flies using Jungle Cock feathers, various glossy tinsels and signal-colored effect threads! Just try fishing with Diawl Bachs with floating fly lineand the fluorocarbon leader - This is a very effective tactic for old experienced fish which ignore bigger colorful lures.

One is clear! The Diawl Bachs nymph family is inherently part of the fly fishing on still water and they are the most effective and very simple fly patterns that you do not miss! Try different patterns from our offer and you will not regret! We recommend the deadly patterns as Red Holo Diawl Bach, Green Cheeked Diawl Bach, Terry's Holo Green Diawl Bach and Diawl Bach Black!

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