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Category: Flies for Fly Fishing | Author: Ála Richie

In the 2nd episode of our mini-series of articles devoted to the most killing artificial flies intended to fly fishing for CHUB on coarse rivers and lakes, this time we will focus on the most traditional style of fishinng these fish with fly gear, but mainly for artificial flies used in this technique - it's WET FLIES! So let's take a closer look at another series of my TOP favorites!

A big chub of about 55 cm in great condition was catched from the slow flowing part of the coarse river. From a series of 2 wet flies on my leader he chose the universal dark fly pattern BLACK PENNEL! 2 flies on the leader are absolutely sufficient when fish on Wets!

As already noted in the introduction, fly fishing with WET FLIES is probably the most traditional fly fishing technique used to catch coarse fish on non-trout waters. It can be said that - even with regard to the occurrence of these fish on these types of rivers, as well as to the character of the coarserivers that these fish hosts - this style of fishing on the fly is absolutely the most suitable!

Chub, dace, ide or other types of coarse fish love slowly flowing coastal parts of rivers where they have enough food falling from the overgrown river banks, and they have enough time and comfort to eat it without having to exert any exaggerated effort to achieve it.

We should go as far as possible against these factors - cast the leader with a series of 2-3 flies near the river shore across the stream and let drift the floating or slow intermediate (larger rivers) fly line by the slow stream of the river, or hold, vivify our flies slightly with a fine figure to eight retraction of fly line.

The Best WET FLIES For Chub! From the left: Black Zulu, Coachman, March Brown, Spider Partridge & Orange, CJ's Controller, Soldier Palmer, Butcher, Black Pennell/Blae & Black

Black Zulu - This is a traditional lake wet fly intended for brown and rainbow trout fly fishing, but when fishing on coarse rivers it is one of the most effective chub flies at all! Though they love the contrasting dark flies with red tips/tails. You have already traced this fact from the previous episode about the best dry flies for chub. If we add a moving palmer hackles and attractive silver ribbings to this aspect, we have the TOP universal all-purpose fly is and it's name is Black Zulu!

Coachman - Another excellent and very simple universal wet fly pattern, which is excellently suited for catching chub in the slowly flowing river where hungry chub wait for sunken insect drifting in water column. The white wings tied to the back imitate the folded wings of dead insects, contrasting perfectly with the dark body from peacock herls! Another "MUST HAVE" chub pattern for year-round fly fishing on coarse rivers!

March Brown - The Fly that is not necessary to represent in detail. This is a very traditional and versatile fly used to fish for salmon and other fish around the world! So there is no reason why it could not be another most effective patterns for chub fishing on European non-trout rivers. The fly is especially effective in the spring months in both clean and slightly cloudy water! Verry effective even in the largest sizes and for example in an alternative with silver body made from tinsel is absolutely great on sunny days to muddy water eg after a short summer stormy showers!

Spider Partridge & Orange - Notice the triviality of these selected flies! You know - Beauty is simple and here - in case of chub flies - it is true and we can say that simplicity is the main force! These Spiders patterns are particularly effective when fishing chub in low summer water using fine fluocarbon leaders, or in sunny autumn trips on smaller coarse rivers.

CJ's Controller - A golden head combination of March Brown and some Spider fly! It can be said that we could call this type of flies a March Brown Spider! With a small golden head and a distinctive ribbing of a thin body, we can use this fly on the point of leader in combination with some other delicate distinctly colored fly that will serve as a fish lure. Colored fly attract the fish to our leader, but eventually, the chub will take a naturally tied CJ's Controller!

Soldier Palmer - "The Soldier" is another example of the lake trout fly, which can be found in the fishing for coarse fish from rivers! If I wrote in the previous fly patterns about the combination of a natural point fly with distinctly colored fly on the dropper, Soldier Palmer will be the attractor for the fish! Excellent wet pattern for late spring and summer months!

Butcher - Distinctive contrasting and again very simple pattern! Originally, it was tied as a imitation of a small fish fry - a silver body made of tinsel, a dark black-blue wings from crow feathers and finally a sharply red tail serving as a distinctly contrasting trigger point! Excellent wet fly for autumn, for example, in combination with silver March Brown on a dropper when fishing for large chub which hunt a small fish fry in slow river valleys or on the shallows of reservoirs!

Black Pennell/Blae & Black - Excellent dark colored wet fly with year-round use. It can be used in combination with other natural patterns such as Coachman and March Brown. This tiny fly is tied on a small and lightweight wet hook, and it is not weighted, so it is drifted just below the surface! It is therefore suitable for fishing active chub which take small dark flies, when other types of flies are totaly unsuccessful! An indispensable pattern, for example, in the period of tiny black midges and small bibios!

Ideal place for fishing for both wet and dry fly! The river is almost full length surrounded by lush vegetation, so there is enough food "fresh" - fallen on the water surface - the time for dry flies, and insects that have fallen to the surface in the higher parts of the river and already sunk and drift in the water column goes to my fishing territory full of hungry chub - Great and ideal time for a wet flies!
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