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Tying Lacquers Set Tommi-Fly Clear

Tying Lacquers Set Tommi-Fly Clear Tying Lacquers Set Tommi-Fly Clear
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The lacquer set includes 4 base lacquers (Body Finish, Floatant, Wings Fix and Head Lacquer) and a pad to prevent accidental spillage.

The varnishes are carefully selected to cover most tied flies. Each bottle contains 20 ml of liquid and a shank in the bottle cap.


  • An all-purpose varnish designed to strengthen the bodies of flies. It is most commonly used for tying epoxy buzzers and caddisflies, or for streamer heads. What you will appreciate about the varnish is that you don't have to use a rotary dryer.


  • Floatant is a natural product made from the oil glands of duckweed. The varnish will be especially appreciated by dry fly tyers as the solvent contained is very volatile and the varnish dries instantly.

  • Floatant increases the floatability of flies, especially those tied from non-natural materials. So you are not forced to carry products to the water to increase the floating ability of flies and you can enjoy fishing. The impregnation is permanent.


  • Wings Fix is an excellent varnish for fixing the position of the blades feathers. Wings are typical for both dry and wet flies, especially for making stoneflies, sedges and duns.

  • The varnish is ideally diluted with alcohol.


  • Head lacquer is used for finishing flies to varnish a lost knot or to varnish the whole head. The applicator is low viscosity.

  • The paint thinner is a toluene. The varnish should be diluted so that there are 5 - 8 drops on the applicator at a 10 degree slope.

Producer: Tommi-Fly
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