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Rotary Epoxy Dryer Leichi

Rotary Epoxy Dryer Leichi  Rotary Epoxy Dryer Leichi
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This dryer constantly and slowly rotates drying flies to ensure proper hardening of epoxy or other resins.

If you work with epoxy, this dryer will rotate the flies to keep the epoxy from sagging or pooling at one spot. Stick the hook into the foam base of the dryer and turn it on. The electric motor slowly rotates the foam wheel, keeping your flies constantly in a circular motion. Dryers like this are recommended for symmetrical flies!

A must have for saltwater fly tying!

ATTENTION: The product has an American type of plug (type A with two flat pins), so it is necessary to purchase the appropriate reduction for your type of power sockets.
Producer: LEICHI Fly Fishing
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