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Squirmy Worms - 3 Reasons To Love Them!

Category: Product Reviews | Author: Ála Richie

Squirmy Worms or Squirmy Wormy - Overperform many so far most killing patterns!

You might love it or you might hate it. We know Squirmy Worms (Squirmy Wormy) is a controversial topic for fly fishing community. It took us a while to include this controversial fly tying materials into our assortment but at the end we decided to do so. And here are couple of reasons why we did it...

Squirmy Wormy Flies

Reason 1: Squirmy Worms catch fish - under certain conditions Squirmy Worms (Squirmy Wormy) are highly effective flies. Some people say that Squirmy Worms patterns brought another evolution step in modern nymphing (like in the past Czech nymphs, Jig nymphs or small French tungsten nymphs). Only the time will prove this but it is true that in many situations "Squirmy Worms" overperform many so far most killing patterns.

Reason 2: Simplicity - just look at some pictures how simple the "Squirmy Worms" patterns are. Simplicity usually works well for fishing but it is as well a great news if you want to start with fly tying. Even better news if you want to start fly tying with your kids. They will love the material that is easy to handle, nice to touch and in many bright colours. We are sure that your kids will not say about the "Squirmy Worms" the same as many conservative fly fisherman: THIS IS NOT A FLY!!!

Reason 3: You, our customers - we could not ignore all your emails and calls. Despite we know there are many purists among our customers but it looks like the majority prefers to experiment and try out new things. An this is exactly what Squirmy Worms offer.

So check out our wide assortment of "Squirmy Worms" fly tying materials on our website. We decided to supply Squirmy Wormy material from two UK suppliers Veniard - Worm Bodies and FlyBox - Squirmy Legs. We stock as well Squirmy Wormy Flies for those who do not tie flies yet...

If you are looking for the instructions how to use this material and how to fish with the Squirmy Worms patterns, we have prepared 2 picture galleries Meet FlyBox Squirmy Legs & Veniard Worm Bodies and Squirmy Worms In Action.

Tigth lines with Squirmy Worms!

Squrmy Wormy Fly Tying Materials
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