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Streamer fishing for a marble trout (10 important facts)

Category: Fly Fishing Tactics | Author: Luka Hojnik

10 important facts for streamer fishing for a marble trout.

Marble Trout

1. Go fishing after a longer period of rain when water is high and off-color

2. For big fish use big streamers (#4 or bigger in lengths 10cm+)

3. Marble trout loves it white, tan, olive green, light brown and sometimes black

4. When water level is right, marble trouts hunt for other fish everywhere so there is no rule for a right spot... they can be caught in holes, under boulders, beside the bank or in a shallower water, riffles and rapids...

5. 7-weight single handed rods will be enough for most situations, if you want to go hardcore, use your 10-weight :-)

6. Choose between floating and sinking lines upon the spot where you fish and weight of streamers you use

7. Quick and energetic line retrieval is the key to success

8. Always use fresh tippets of minimum 0.20mm or 0.22mm (3X or 2X size)

9. Use short leaders and make as strong connection to fly line as possible (no lousy connectors this time!)

10. Release all caught marbles as they are a true treasure to Soča and its tributaries!

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