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Idrijca River | Fly Fishing Slovenia |

Country: Slovenia
District: Notranjska/ Severna Primorska
Type: River

Location size
River: 45 km

Distance from
Ljubljana: 70 km
Trieste (Italy): 70 km
Klagenfurt (Austria): 130 km

Idrija fishing association
Angling club of Tolmin

The crystal-clear Idrijca River with its numerous tributaries offers an ideal natural habitat for fish, which is why the Idrija and Tolmin region boasts a long, rich fishing tradition.

The oldest records on fishing in these parts appeared in medieval land registers around 1300, and the first written fishing rules were laid down in the Mining Rules of the Idrija Mercury Mine as early as in 1580.

Fishing at the Idrijca river offers visitors a genuine experience in unspoilt natural surroundings, a healthy way of spending their leisure time, an ideal holiday and relaxation.

Amazing crystal-clear river of karstic character with amazing fish!

How To Get There

The fishery can be found about 70 km from Ljubljana, about 70 km from Trieste (Italy) and 130km from Klagenfurt (Austria). Use the towns Idrija, Cerkno, Dolenja Trebuša, Most na Soči as central points to the fishery.

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Location Details

With its karstic character Idrijca river is a perfect flyfishing destination. Below its source it is about 5- 10 meters wide but it gets wider downstream from the Spodnja Idrija town. To the confluence with the Soča river it maintains 10-20 meters of wideness, with more rapids in its upper part. Lower, many beautiful, long and deep pools can be found. They are inhabited by a gigantic marble trouts. Otherwise Idrijca river is quite shallow and medium fast river. Its upper part is located in the Upper Idrijca Natural Park with some special regulations and limitations.

Melting snow is usually not a disturbing factor for fishing at the Idrijca river. It also recovers quite quickly after the high waters...

River is accessible throughout its entire length as it is accompanied by the regional road from Idrijca to Most na Soči.


Idrijca river holds endemic marble trouts, brown trouts, hybrid trouts and lots of graylings (especially in the upper part). It is also inhabited by rainbow trouts. Marble trouts reach up to a 130 cm in length and weight up to a 25kg. Graylings reach up to a 60cm in length and rainbows up to a 90cm. Fish above 50cm are common.


We recommend an AFTMA 5-6 rod for regular nymphing / dry fly fishing and 9-12 rod for large streamer fishing. High waders are recommended. Be careful of slippery rocks in the river bed. Due to its crytal clear colour, every obstacle in the river bed can be noticed before.

How To Fish

It is recommended to use nymphs of natural colors (larger in spring and smaller to micro ones in the summer and autumn) - imitations of caddis and mayfly nymphs, large streamers and tungsten head type nymphs Dry fly season starts in the early May and lasts till the late autumn. Dry flies such as the F-fly, CDC&Elk, sedges of the Seria Slovenica, blue duns, etc. are effective at this time, usually in sizes from 20 to 14, sometimes even larger.

Practical Info

The fishing season lasts from April 1st to the end of November (in the lower part till the end of October). River is not occupied with rafters and canoeists, because it is forbiden to use boats there.

The peak of the season is between May and July, in September and in October.

Accommodation can be found in Idrija, Cerkno, Dolenja Trebuša, Most na Soči, Tolmin.

Upper part is managed by the Idrija fishing club. Lower part is managed by the Tolmin Fishing Club- one licence covers Soča and 10 other fly fishing rivers.

Catch and release is applied at some parts of the river.

C&R licences are cheaper than regular ones.

Fly fishing shops are in Italy (Udine), Bled and Ljubljana- some tackle and flies can be bought at the accomodation providers in the region.

Angling club of Tolmin
General Info
Idrija fishing association

Hotel Kendov dvorec

Hotel Kendov dvorec, a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux Hotel Association, has its roots in 1377 when the first landowners were already running a farm situated above the Idrijca Valley. Today, the magnificent former Kenda mansion has been beautifully renovated and revived to evoke the spirit of ancient times, and now it displays the rich tradition of its local surroundings with great pride and respect. Sheer excellence of the Kendov dvorec hotel cuisine accompanied by an exquisite selection of wines will fill you with unforgettable warmth.

Hotel Kendov dvorec is proudly rising above 800 years old village of Spodnja Idrija and is located on the right bank of the River Idrijca, overlooking the beautiful ancient parish church "Marija na Skalci" dating back to 1156.

Hotel Kendov dvorec website

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