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Guide To FENCL® Landing Nets

Category: Fly Fishing Tackle | Author: Ála Richie

As you probably know, we have recently included selected FENCL® landing nets in our fly fishing range to make them available to our loyal customers who are accustomed to top quality! Because this Czech company produces landing nets for all types of fishing, so far we have selected types from their extensive range that are suitable for all modern fly fishing techniques. In this guide, I would like to explain all the specific types of landing nets in detail for your clear choice!

FENCL® King Of Fish - Czech handmade and high quality, practical and modern landing nets with FREE lifetime service!

As I already mentioned in my recent gallery "Fly Fishing Landing Nets FENCL® in Action!" that due to the fact that - thanks to close cooperation with the company Fencl® Rybarske potreby - I tested their landing nets for basically the whole fishing season 2020 during my fly fishing expeditions for salmonid, predatory and carp fish and I continue to use their products, I gained many knowledge, which also helped in the development and improvement of new fishing landing nets from the production of this purposeful Czech company, which definitely listens to the experiences and opinions of active fishermen and transfers them directly to production!

The beautiful river brownie from the trout season opening day is cooperating in a quick photo shoot before it's release! Fly Fishing Landing Net With Magnet Fencl King 2 Nature L is a completely universal and reliable river trout landing net!

FENCL® landing nets have many advantages, so let's briefly imagine them:

* Czech handmade + excellent customer care with FREE lifetime service!
* The original look of the products and the unique landing net folding system.
* Lightweight aluminum construction with a modern and durable black anodized finish.
* Rubberized or silicone nets that are extremely gentle to the fish and do not smell!
* Very easy interchangeability of nets for new or other types on folding landing net types.
* Assemblable landing nets from separate special landing net heads and telescopic rods!
* Elegant wooden and 3x lacquered handle on design fly fishing landing nets KING 2.
* Huge selection of types and sizes of landing nets for individual fishing purposes and fish species.

And although you will, of course, find detailed descriptions of individual products in our e-shop, it is always better to focus such information on one comprehensive place, where there is much more space to describe personal experiences with specific products! So let's imagine these Czech fly fishing landing nets FENCL® suitable for fly fishing in trout and non-trout waters when fishing for freshwater fish of all types and sizes! At the same time, don't miss my related article "How To Choose The Right Landing Net", where I generally deal with all aspects that should not be foreign to you when choosing a new landing net!

The smaller brook trout rests after a duel in the safety of the wet silicone net of the Fly Fishing Landing Net With Magnet Fencl King 2 Black.

FLY FISHING LANDING NETS KING 2 NATURE & KING 2 BLACK: A very successful series of design fly landing nets in a unique combination of a metal center, a black anodized frame and a wooden hardwood handle, which is painted three times with waterproof varnish.

All landing nets from this luxury collection are equipped with a magnetic holder with a force of 6.2 Kg, thanks to which you have them always available and by your hand. Special steel safety cable coated with rubber, prevents the loss of the landing net. In addition, the landing net has two metal carabiners for easy detachment during photography or transport. The fine rubberized or silicone net is very gentle on the fish, no hooks are caught in it and it does not smell.

In combination with the black color, the gold accessories stand out beautifully, which give the landing net KING 2 landing nets the true majesty.

Landing nets are available in KING 2 Nature M (53 cm, 28 x 37 cm, 245 g), KING 2 Nature L (67 cm, 40 x 48 cm, 365 g), KING 2 Nature XL (76 cm, 43 x 57) cm, 440 g) with black rubberized nets 27 - 35 cm deep and elegant wooden or black hardwood handle, and in the "competitive" version KING 2 Black (67 cm, 40 x 48 cm, 425 g) with 26 cm deep silicone net and lacquered wooden black handle!

In my experience, these are very strong, reliable and attractive landing nets of excellent quality of processing both the landing net itself and the net and magnet. Personally, I use size L when fishing for salmonid fish on rivers and streams, or when fishing on still water, when I catch by wading in the lake. Size XL I use mainly when fishing on large non-trout rivers, where I expect catches of large and fighting fish and the larger the diameter of the frame and the depth of the net, the better! I can also imagine the size XL when fishing for sea trout, for example on the Danish coast, or when catching larger predatory and carp fish while wading in stagnant or slow-flowing waters, where a landing net with a longer handle is not needed.

My favorite sight in the concentrated stillwater fishing for moody rainbow trout - waiting for the coveted pull of the line, wild fighting and subsequent neting for a nice fish! The main role is played by the Fly Fishing Landing Net Fencl Folding Telescopic.

FLY FISHING FOLDING TELESCOPIC LANDING NETS: This category includes 2 types of landing nets, namely the Fly Fishing Landing Net Fencl Folding Telescopic - a smaller variant measuring 60 - 142 cm (transport - maximum length), 32 x 45 (frame size) and 32 cm deep net, which is also available in a version with a magnet and a steel cable. And its bigger - lake version Stillwater Landing Net Fencl Folding Telescopic with dimensions 70 - 175 cm (transport - maximum length), 40 x 53 (frame size) and 50 cm deep net, which of course you can also get in a version with a magnet and steel cable (magnet load 6.2 Kg).

It can be said that both sizes are reliable folding telescopic (2-piece telescope) landing nets with a replaceable rubberized net, with a metal center and a modern black anodized design. These landing nets are suitable for lake fly fishing, hunting style of fishing for predatory and carp fish, spinning or catching from a boat - a bigger variant, but also river fishing in less accessible terrain or when hunting from high, ground and overgrown shores above deeper pools, into which there is no possible to ford - a smaller variant.

The main advantage of these landing nets is a premium rubberized net with large meshes, which does not catch hooks, does not smell and does not absorb water - it is not heavy. The two-part telescopic rod can be locked in any position and at the end of this rod is a rubber anti-slip handle with a metal eye to attach the Magnetic Net Holder Fencl For Fly Fishing Landing Nets, etc. These landing nets are very easy to handle with one hand. that you hold in your other hand is a real benefit!

A nice rainbow trout poses for a photograph together with a very successful and universal river and lake Fly Fishing Landing Net With Magnet Fencl Folding Telescopic.

In my experience, these two types of folding telescopic landing nets are great extended versions of river fly fishing landing nets, with which you can fish on still water, inaccessible running water and when stalking predators and carp, where you have a large and long landing net always by your hand, for example, hung on your vest, jacket, backpack or by your side in case of picking up!

I myself like to use a larger version of this landing net on my trips to carp and predatory fish inhabiting the inaccessible blind river arms or dams with rocky shores, where every placement of an aluminum landing net, which I would wear spread out in my hand, could mean spooking the fish in my hunting territory!

A smaller version of this practical landing net with a magnet I gave to my father - to his great satisfaction -  and after a few hunts he could not praise it, because he rather fishing less accessible and forgotten trout rivers, often with high and rugged banks, where smaller tipping telescopic landing net as if you find! On the other hand, when we go out on a bigger water together, this landing net won't deny its qualities there either! In short, it is a very successful, dimensionally meaningful and practical landing net universal!

At Fencl Company, were so great - according to my requirements - they made an absolutely ideal stillwater landing net for my needs! Thanks to this, you can also assemble it today from the Fly Fishing Landing Net Head and the Telescopic Landing Net Rods.

LANDING NET HEADS & TELESCOPIC RODS: This group includes 2 types of landing net heads and 2 telescopic rods, which are fully compatible with these landing net heads thanks to high-quality brass fittings. Fly Fishing Landing Net Head Fencl Fish Hunter XL is the first type of head and fully corresponds to the dimensions of the landing net frames KING 2 XL, and therefore 43 x 57 cm, 335 g with a quality black rubberized net with a depth of 35 cm. The second type is the Fly Fishing Landing Net Head Fencl Trout Area Fish Hunter measuring 45 x 52 cm, 330 g with a high-quality clear silicone net 26 cm deep. Of course, both types of nets do not absorb water or fish mucus, they do not smell, hooks are not caught in them, as in polyester nets, and most importantly - they are as gentle as possible to the surface of the fish body!

Both of these landing net heads can be combined with the massive and at the same time very light aluminum two-part telescopic landing net rods, which are available in lengths of 120 cm and 200 cm! Both rods can be locked in any position by simply turning the telescope parts to the right, to the left!

In my experience: After I took the question of fly landing nets more seriously and started looking for a landing net for one of my main fly fishing specializations - trout fishing on still waters, I found out after a long and detailed research of the market that there was none -  my imagine was: all-black with a sufficiently large head of an acceptable shape, a rubberized not too deep net and a reliable telescopic handle - it doesn't really exist. That is why I very much welcomed the possibility of external cooperation with the company FENCL®, because there I could easily design such a landing net according to my needs. And so the combination of the Fish Hunter XL landing net head with a rubberized net and a telescopic rod was born! For me, this product is the main stillwater landing net when fishing from the shore and I am extremely satisfied with it - ideal for not only salmonid fish of all sizes!

Face to face with a beautifully colored winter pike, which is just gaining strength in my favorite Stillwater Landing Net Silicone Fencl Folding Telescopic MAX, which I use when catching large predatory and carp fish!

STILLWATER/BOAT LANDING NET WITH SILICONE NET MAX: The last type of modern type of landing net from the FENCL® offer, which can be used mainly in heavy fly fishing and in trophy fish and boat fishing, is the Stillwater Landing Net Silicone Fencl Folding Telescopic MAX, whose parameters are 85 - 220 cm (transport - maximum length), 55 cm (frame width), 975 g. This landing net is really sturdy and extremely reliable - you don't have to worry about anything when catching a trophy fish - this landing net will definitely hold you! Thanks to the two-part telescope, which can be locked in any position, the landing net reaches a total length of up to 220 cm. The landing net has a replaceable translucent silicone net, which does not absorb water or odors and is extremely gentle on fish! In addition, it is deep enough and, for example, the dorsal fins of trophy carp or large and sharp pike teeth do not get stuck into it, as is the case with classic polyester nets, which can tear very quickly in this way! The landing net frame itself is, of course, tiltable, which you will especially appreciate when transporting and moving around the water. I also use it when hunting from a boat, where it is ready for action in the space behind the seat!

In my experience: As I wrote in a previous article on choosing the right landing net - I must openly admit that this type is relatively heavy, but I do not fully experience it with demanding fishing with an AFTMA 9 rod and tackling really big fish. Such a hunt is very demanding in itself, but even though it is no longer worn in today's transgender times - or it is starting to ground more and more, I still consider myself and proudly declare myself a man! ;-) And such an ordinary thoroughbred guy should be able to handle something and endure something and should not deal with nonsense, to which, for example, the perception of every extra gram in fishing gear - as a fundamental problem - certainly belongs...

So if you are looking for a maximally reliable landing net from which no trophy fish will escape you and at the same time it will be in maximum safety in front of you + you are not from a sugar, then this type should be a clear choice for you! ;-)

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