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New Competition Flies From Lubos Roza & Fulling Mill

Category: Flies for Fly Fishing | Author: Luboš Roza

Luboš Roza chose the 3 most popular patterns from the expansion of his competition fly collection made by Fulling Mill.

New Competition Flies From Lubos Roza & Fulling Mill

During the first year of the official sale of my selection of flies, it turned out that working with Fulling Mill was the right way to go. Many satisfied customers, many beautiful catches and many good feedbacks have led us to expand this range of competition flies. After great and effective nymph patterns and dry flies, we also added streamers and load flies to these categories, which are flies so typical for the Czech fly fishing school. Short nymphing was the cornerstone of today's well-known euronymphing with a long learder, and with this style of fishing we can get better into deeper waters thanks to longer fly rods and lighter and longer leaders. That is why today we can fish even in the depths, where in the past it would be extremely difficult to get. Thanks to the progress in tungsten flies and the whole range of tungsten loads in general, it is possible to tie such load patterns that not only pull other flies deep, but can also be an attractive bite. From the new range of flies from the Fulling Mill collection, I would choose 3 models, which I am closest to and which has brought me considerable success in the fly fishing competition field.

Roza's Black & Green Streamer B/L

Black and Green is a very heavy weapon in the streamer category. This streamer is not missing in any of my basic streamer set up. A simple black "brush" with a small chartreusse tip is an absolutely perfect combination for most of the world's waters. Green and Black is one of the streamers who helped me win my last gold individual medal at the World Cup. Both brown and rainbow trout react very well to it, and it was no surprise to me that there were many catches of lakers (namaykush) in Canada and other species of fish. This fly has already traveled a large part of the world with me and that is why it is not missing in my recent book Flyfishing World either.

Roza's CDC Olive B/L

Another favourite, this time from the ranks of dry flies, is undoubtedly the CDC Olive. At first glance, I could say a ridiculously easy and perhaps unattractive fly. It has been confirmed to me many times that a fly does not have to be complicated or beautiful to be effective. This "gray mouse" definitely excels in its effectiveness when fishing small duns. Most likely, by the fact that the whole fly is tied from CDC feathers, it can fit perfectly on the surface and thus create a very realistic contour of the hatching insect. The fish take this fly without any restraint and trust it very much. This fly definitely has its place in my fly box and more than once it pulled a thorn out of my heel.

Roza's French Bomb B/L

The third pattern is from the category of load flies. Exactly those that not only serve the purpose of sinking, but are also great for fishing. This very easy and sharply effective load fly called the French Bomb is again an example of a pattern perfect for its simplicity. It combines two effective fly tying materials in basic colors. The first is the popular peacock spectra dubbing and the second is sharp pink UV dubbing. This bomb is loved by trout and grayling and is one of the basic load flies in my repertoire.

I believe that flies from the 2021 collection will find popularity among fly fishermen in our country and in the world, all designs are my favorites and, above all, tested in many different districts around the world. I wish all enthusiastic fly fishermen that today's difficult times will not stop them from exploring the waters and making beautiful catches.

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