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Luboš Roza's Universal River Flies - Fly Selection

Luboš Roza's Universal River Flies - Fly Selection Luboš Roza's Universal River Flies - Fly Selection - 28 flies
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A deadly collection of the killing Trout StreamersTugnsten Jigs and small Dry Flies composed of the best and maximally universal river patterns by Luboš Roza.

This great set contains 28 flies tied on high-quality barbless Hayabusa fly hooks in various sizes but also with various sizes of tungsten beads - in the case of tungsten nymph patterns!

The flies from the Fulling Mill Luboš Roza's Competition Colection are very popular among our customers, which is why we decided to create this unique fly selection , in which everyone will find the most important patterns of river flies! Therefore, the selection should definitely not be missed by any modern fly fisherman, who likes to fish on European trout rivers and streams.

3 streamer patterns, 6 nymph patterns and 5 patterns of dry flies of 2 pieces of each type are prepared in a very practical small and thin fly box that will fit into the small pocket of your fly vest or fly fishing shirt or waders!

An irreplaceable universal river combo designed for fishing with modern fly fishing methods on rivers and streams of all types and sizes. All flies are very effective in catching brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, but also chub, barbel and other fish inhabiting trout and non-trout rivers!

Specific patterns of flies in combination with their sizes and types of loads were selected from the complete edition of Luboš Roza's Fulling Mill by our fly fishing specialist Aleš (Ála Richie), who likes river fishing all year round and tested all flies from this fly selection with great success on his favorite trout and non-trout rivers!

Do not miss the previous and best-seller Fly Selection - Luboš Roza's Favorite River Flies with absolutely deadly 32 flies for river trout and grayling fly fishing!

Producer: Czech Nymph
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