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Hackled Dries

In this category of Dry Flies you will find classically tied patterns with a basic and very simple concept: tail/tip, body, hackles. These nice simple and traditional dry patterns as Griffith's Gnat, Red Tag, Coch-y-Bondhu, Iron Blue Dun, Beacon Beige, Grayling Witch and others are very effective and absolutely necessary for a successful dry fly fishing on the river or lake.

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Grayling Witch Grayling Witch, Size 16
Buy 1,5 EUR
Beacon Beige Beacon Beige, Size 16
Buy 1,5 EUR
Coch-Y-Bondhu Coch-Y-Bondhu, Size 16
Buy 1,5 EUR
Pheasant Tail Pheasant Tail, Size 16
Buy 1,5 EUR
Iron Blue Dun Iron Blue Dun, Size 16
Buy 1,5 EUR
Griffiths Gnat Griffiths Gnat, Size 16
Buy 1,1 EUR
Kite's Imperial Kite's Imperial, Size 16
Buy 1,7 EUR
Rough Olive Rough Olive, Size 16
Buy 1,5 EUR
Unsinkable Dry Unsinkable Dry, Size 10
Buy 1,7 EUR
GRHE GRHE, Size 16
Buy 1,5 EUR
Grey Duster Grey Duster, Size 16
Buy 1,5 EUR
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