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Humungus Lures

Lures or streamers as Humungus are basically the glittering Woolly Buggers, which has instead of a brass bead in the head a chain eyes in silver or gold color. Most of these types of flies are famous thanks to English fly fisher Hywel Morgan, which used this flies with great success in fishing for rainbow trout. Originally, Humungus was developed for wild brown trout fishing on Scottish lakes, but proved to be a universal pattern of lure for all trout species.

Genuine streamer featuring a combination effects of marabou tail, shiny chenille bodies, palmer hackles from Grizzly rooster, and finally chain eyes. This fly is very appropriate at the time when trout hunt fish fry, so it would certainly be more than convenient to have a few pieces in your fly box!

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Humungus White Humungus White, Size 10
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