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Golden Nugget Lures

Golden Nugget Lures are the most basic group of fantastic stillwater flies. In fact, they do not usually imitate any particular aquatic organism, unless we neglect the similarity of some black flies with tadpoles or leeches. The golden bead adds to these flies a special effects, but at the same time it is weight in the front of the fly, so that the fly falls on the head, which - coupled with the soft tail of the marabou feather - creates an irresistible kind of movement. These types of artificial flies are absolutely great patterns for stocked rainbow. Without them you can not stand on still waters!

From a fly tying perspective, these are very simple fly patterns that each beginner should manage, but if you do not dare, or suffer from a lack of time and want to effectively fish, choose from our wide selection of the most effective Golden Nugget Lures!

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