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Product review of the hybrid between a classic fly shirt and a wind jacket Guideline Alta Windshirt.

Fly Fishing Shirt Guideline Alta Windshirt

Guideline Alta Windshirt is not a classic fly fishing shirt but rather a hybrid between a classic shirt and a wind jacket.

In addition to the basic description, I would add that the shirt is made of 100% nylon fabric, which is resistant to UV radiation (UPF 50), mosquitoes, wind and light rain. Shirt does not have button fastening, but zipper, other pockets are fastened with snap fasteners. For those of you who like to go lightly to the water, the shirt has two large breast pockets and a third small zippered pocket. In your left pocket you have a D-ring for attaching a retractor or a nippers. Another D-ring is on the back to attach the landing net.

I had the opportunity to test my shirt during my trip to the Italian Dolomites. The shirt seemed a bit more massive after unpacking, so I was worried if it would have its use in sunny Italy. My fears were unnecessary - on the contrary, the shirt can be folded and even into a small package and is comfortable to keep it in the fly vest's back pocket and pull out when needed. In addition, thanks to non-creasing material, it is hart to get it crumpled.

Another important thing for me was to find out how comfortable the shirt was on the loose body (without wearing any base layer). During my first river walk I tried my shirt on my own skin. The shirt was pleasantly worn both directly on the body or as a second layer on the T-shirt. In warm weather, I appreciated the roll up sleeves and also the high collar as basic sun protection of my neck.

One of my other fishing walks was directed to an alpine lake, where to my surprise it was quite cold, which I was not prepared for at all. In this case, my shirt was a windbreaker for me and also protected me from the light rain that came during the day.

So my final resume is as follows:

Pros: Great design, practical use in warm and cold weather, fly fishing gadgets and ample space for fly fishing gear (fishing line, floatant, etc.) if you go fishing lightly.

Cons: Higher price

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